Cabal and Other Unlikely Invocations of the Muse

Cabal and Other Unlikely Invocations of the Muse
About the Book
  • In “Aztlan: Speaker of Verse,” a prequel to the Aztlan series of 21st-century Aztec Empire murder mysteries, a young Maxtla Colhua investigates the murder of a highly regarded educator.
  • In “Behind Every Great Enhanced Being,” the mothers of teenage interplanetary heroes clash as only mothers can.
  • In “Floaters,” a man discovers there’s more to his annoying optical problem than meets the eye.
  • In “Flame’s Hole,” the bearer of an ancient ring finds it’s not the only terrible burden he has to endure.
  • In “The Wall”…yeah, that Wall…we scale a possible future in a reality you just might recognize.
  • In “The Scales of Justice,” an untested advocate tries to right an old wrong in The City of A Thousand Gods.
  • In “Cabal,” a group of ordinary men try to take down a super-hero only they know to be a monstrous killer.

In these seven, never-before-published stories, bestselling science fiction and fantasy author Michael Jan Friedman presents his purest and most original visions—the stories he’s been meaning to tell you for the longest time.


Series: Aztlan
Genres: Anthology, Short Stories
Tag: What's New From Crazy 8 Press
Publisher: Crazy 8 Press
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781979571050
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About the Author
Michael Jan Friedman

Michael Jan Friedman is the author of nearly 70 books of fiction and non-fiction, about half of them set somewhere in the wilds of the Star Trek universe.

In 1992 Friedman wrote Reunion, the first Star Trek: The Next Generation hardcover, which introduced the crew of the Stargazer, Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s first command. Over the years, the popularity of Reunion has spawned a number of Stargazer stories in both prose and comic book formats, including a six-novel original series.

Friedman has also written for the Aliens, Predator, Wolf Man, Lois and Clark, DC Super Hero, Marvel Super Hero, and Wishbone licensed book universes. Eleven of his book titles, including the autobiography Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Ghost Hunting (written with SciFi’s Ghost Hunters), have appeared on the prestigious New York Times primary bestseller list, and his novel adaptation of the Batman & Robin movie was for a time the #1 bestselling book in Poland (really).

Friedman has worked at one time or another in network and cable television, radio, business magazines, and the comic book industry, in the process producing scripts for nearly 180 comic stories. Among his comic book credits is the Darkstars series from DC Comics, which he created with artist Larry Stroman, and the Outlaws limited series, which he created with artist Luke McDonnell. He also co-wrote the story for the acclaimed second-season Star Trek: Voyager episode “Resistance,” which guest-starred Joel Grey.

Currently, Friedman is working on a variety of projects, including a contemporary fantasy novel featuring characters and themes from mythology tentatively called Blood of the Gods, a young adult fantasy novel set in Renaissance times, the true story of an extraordinary Little League team in 1955, and an epic-scale science fiction adventure.

As always, he advises readers that no matter how many Friedmans they know, he is probably not related to any of them.

For more on Michael Jan Friedman and his fiction, visit his personal website, follow him on Twitter @FriedmanMJ, and like him on Facebook.

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