Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I give up. What are you?
A: Crazy 8 Press is a consortium of writers (Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg, Russ Colchamiro, Mary Fan, Hildy Silverman, Geoffrey Thorne, and Paul Kupperberg) who have decided to bypass the traditional publishing process to bring our work directly to you, the reader.

Q: Why call yourselves Crazy 8 if there are ten of you?
A: Originally there were eight of us, but a few people chose to step back and over the years we’ve expanded our roster to that original number and then beyond it.

Q: How often will I be able to buy new works?
A: As often as you want! Over and over again! Multiple digital copies don’t take up any extra space!

Q: I meant “How often will new works be coming out?
A: Oh. We’re planning a bi-monthly schedule of new releases, using the intervening months to introduce backlist works and preview forthcoming projects. As things ramp up, the schedule will no doubt fill out, with offerings coming more frequently.

Q: Can I buy your media tie-in works and original works here?
A: Our original work, yes, but media tie-in projects, which most of the Crazy 8 Press members have written, are controlled by whichever publisher handles the print rights to those properties. If you want to purchase them, try looking for them in our bookstore.

Q: What formats will be available?
A: We’ll have every eBook format that makes sense, including the [[[Kindle]]] and the NOOK. We don’t want anyone unable to read our works simply because of a technical issue.

Q: I like print and only print. What can you do for me?
A: Everything available for sale on the site will have a print option, although you may have to wait for us to collect the short stories together. Pricing will include shipping, of course.

Q: Will you be writing together?
A: No doubt you will see some collaborations and anthologies where all of us will be showcased under one cover, in all sorts of weird combinations.

Q: How will I know when one or all of you will have new work coming?
A: You can check back here regularly. You can also sign up for the Crazy 8 Press mailing list which will keep you updated on a regular basis. Or you can sign up for our Twitter feed or our Facebook page.

Q: Will any other authors be here?
A: Yes. We’ve spoken with several other authors about bringing their older works to us in addition to new novels and stories.

Q: Can I submit work to be published?
A: Sorry, but no. Crazy 8 Press has no mechanism to review unpublished authors. If you are an established writer, contact one of us privately and we’ll talk.

Q: Will the site only feature science fiction and fantasy novels?
A: That will be our initial focus, certainly, but that’s not to say we won’t offer work in other genres and even other formats. So don’t be shocked if you see a horror novel, or a mystery, or a play.

Q: What about books with teen vampires?
A: Don’t tempt us.

Q: I want to option one of your works for other media. Who do I talk to?

A: For inquiries related to licensing rights to Crazy 8 titles, please use the form.

7 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. For Peter David:

    I’m an instructor in Arthurian Literature planning to use The Camelot Papers in my class Reinventing King Arthur. I may also go for it as an end of semester project.

    Would it be possible to chat with you via email to discuss some of what I am intending to do, and see if we may be able to have a little class interaction with you directly? Please email: John DOT Doherty AT nau DOT edu

    Many thanks.

      1. I have the same request. I’d like to get in touch with Mr Friedman. I just have a small, simple question about a previously published work, the derivation of something regarding it.

        laser hawk NO SPAM PLZ 6 4 at google’s mail service dotcom

        Thanks in advance :)

  2. Hello, I am a librarian cataloging a Crazy 8 Press publication. I have seen that some libraries have used “Bayport, NY” as the place of publication, while others have simply said “United States” or “Place of publication not identified.”
    Could you please let me know if there is a specific place which should be used? Or even the state?
    Thank you.
    Rex Hatfield

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