Geoffrey Thorne’s Into the Mystic Collection is now Available

NEW YORK, NY – Author collective Crazy 8 Press announced today that Into the Mystic: Tales of the Grim Arcana, a collection of tales featuring creatures, dark magic, and other threats overflowing from Hell, is now available in paperback and eBook formats.

Written by TV writer Geoffrey Thorne, Into the Mystic: Tales of the Grim Arcana, collects five tales set in Arcana, a city on the border between the comfortable reality of what is known and the dangerous shadows of what the world has forgotten.

Into the Mythic was inspired by other series that blended dark fantasy, horror, and adventure, including The Dresden Files, TV’s Angel, and The Librarians.

“Arcana is the city where that creepy house at the end of the street absolutely lives up to its chilling reputation, where an overcrowded Hell sends its excess damned,” explains Thorne, who has also done tie-in work for Star Trek and Ultimate Spider-Man and was a writer on the hit series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Leverage, and The Librarians. “It’s the place where Creation sits in a ball the size of a snow globe, and Armageddon lurks in the alley outside your door.”

Featuring inventive world-building, shady characters, and threats to body, mind, and soul, these dark, fantastical tales were previously released individually as The Grim Arcana books, now collected for the first time. They also set the stage for an upcoming novel that will expand on the characters and mythology.

            “Geoff is a tremendous storyteller who blends the fantastical, the grim, and the hopeful,” said Crazy 8 Press founding member Bob Greenberger. “With Into the Mystic, he’s invited readers into a creepy and mysterious world that straddles the border of reality, dark magic—and terror.”

Into the Mystic: Tales of the Grim Arcana, is available for sale on

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