The Adventures of Cannon Belle is Coming This Month

NEW YORK, NY – March 1, 2024— Author collective Crazy 8 Press announced today that the new swashbuckling historical romance The Adventures of Cannon Belle is now available in paperback and eBook formats.

Written by award-winning author Aaron Rosenberg, The Adventures of Cannon Belle chronicles the tale of Isabella Parsons, the well-mannered daughter of a Regency England baron, who lives a secret double life as the feared female pirate captain Cannon Belle Pearcy.

But when a handsome Navy commander is charged with quelling this dangerous pirate threat—and begins wooing the loveliest lady in the region—Bella’s two worlds collide.

“I first created the character for our pulp anthology Thrilling Adventure Yarns,” Rosenberg said.“I wanted to write a swashbuckler story with a different spin, so I came up with a female pirate captain, but one rooted in the Regency romance style a la Jane Austen. The response was so positive I kept coming back to her. With the novel, I was able to expand the scope of her adventures and raise the stakes in ways even I hadn’t anticipated.”

While much of Rosenberg’s work is filled with humor, The Adventures of Cannon Belle is a straight-up adventure-romance. In the novel, buccaneer Cannon Belle sails headfirst into the risks and rewards of a life split between polite society, ruthless pirates, and the most dangerous treasure of all—love.

            “Aaron is never satisfied working in just one genre,” said Crazy 8 Press founding member Bob Greenberger. “His ability to immerse himself—and the reader—into new and different worlds is always a thrill. I never anticipated a female pirate adventure or a romance novel from him, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. I hope Aaron will keep this habit going. Each story is better than the last.”

The Adventures of Cannon Belle is available for sale on

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