Read Peter David’s “Bronsky’s Dates With Death” for Free

Peter David has been the self-proclaimed “writer of stuff” for several decades now and most of you know him for his lengthy runs on The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek and X-Factor. Some of you also know his creator-owned effort Fallen Angel and there are those who know him for some terrific Star Trek novels including his personal corner of the galaxy with Star Trek: New Frontier.

But how many know of him as a writer of original science fiction and fantasy? As a reminder, there is his King Arthur trilogy, his Sir Apropos of Nothing books, and other novels and short stories.

There’s a lot fewer of you who know this than there should be because if you like his comics, you’re sure to enjoy his original visions. It’s certainly one reason he’s a part of Crazy 8 Press. He has been sharing new works such as The Camelot Papers and The Hidden Earth novels with you. Here comes something else for you to enjoy. Back in 2011, Peter sold the novelette “Bronsky’s Dates With Death” to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Locus named it one of the year’s best.

It’s a wonderful work and deserving of attention. More specifically, it’s worthy of your attention. The work is eligible for a Hugo Award nomination and the deadline for nominations is March 10. We’re offering the story free of charge if you just click over to here.

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