What it’s Like to be Nominated for a Harvey

Life with Archive Vol 2It was a Monday, like any other Monday. Nobody likes Mondays. Not even freelance writers. Everybody knows that Mondays just suck.

And then I logged onto Facebook and saw this post from Dan Parent, writer/artist/creator ofArchie Comics’ groundbreaking Kevin Keller title:

“I got a Harvey Award nomination ! Also Bob Smith, Tito Pena and Life with Archie did too!”

I posted a heartfelt “Congrats, Dan! Well deserved!” — having spent my fair share of time with Kevin in Life With Archie, on a couple of (upcoming) fill-in issues I scripted of Kevin Keller, the YA novel Kevin, and the forthcomingKevin Keller Mad Libs (the last two published by Penguin/Grosett & Dunlap), I have a certain fondness for the lad and am a big fan of Dan’s work on the title…

…And then my brain said, “Did you read the rest of the post, schmuck?”

“Also Bob Smith, Tito Pena…”

Wow. Very cool! Two talented guys richly deserving not only of nominations, but of winning. I’ve known Bob for approximately forever, and he even inks my stories in Life With Archie, so I posted kudos to him as well. I’ve never met colorist Tito Pena but I sure know his work.

“…and Life With Archie did too!”

Waitaminnit. I write that, don’t I? I scrambled to the Harvey Awards website as fast as my little fingers could click the link, and there it was! In the category “Best Graphic Album Previously Published”… Archie: The Married Life, Book 2, Archie Comics!

Harvey_logoWell, sumbitch!


I’m a thirty-eight veteran of the comic book field. I’ve written something like a thousand comic book stories, toiling if not in anonymity, at least without the recognition of awards. Then, last year, the monthly Life With Archie magazine was nominated for the Eisner Award in the “Best Publication for Young Adult” category (we didn’t win, but damned if it isn’t true what they say about it being an honor just to be nominated!). Now, in 2013, the book gloms a Harvey Award nomination. And, to make the news even sweeter, I receive it on the same day that I gave the okay for my Crazy 8 Press mystery novel, The Same Old Story, to go to press.

Proving that not all Mondays suck. Sure as hell not this one…!

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