Plans for 2014 and Beyond Discussed at Shore Leave

HammerandHorn cover2At today’s Crazy 8 Press panel at Shore Leave 35, the seven members met the public together for the first time. Moderated by first among equals Michael Jan Friedman, the panel announced several new releases for the remainder of 2013 and beyond.

In addition to the three books which debuted at the convention, later this month Friedman’s first novel, The Hammer and the Horn will be back in print for the first time in thirty years. Also this month, David’s eagerly anticipated sequel to Tigerheart, Fearless, will be out in print and digital.

Coming this fall will be Hey Kids, Comics!, an anthology of essays assembled by Robert J. Kelly and includes contributions from Greenberger and Kupperberg.

Friedman’s other novels in The Vidar Saga — The Seeker and the Sword, The Fortress and the Fire, and The Glove of Maiden’s Hair – will arrive on a roughly monthly schedule with all-new covers by Brazilian artist Caio Cacau.

ReDeusLogoAdditionally, Friedman announced he is writing an original novel, I am the Salamander, which will become a Kickstarter project later this summer. The superheroic tale will be written by Friedman with cover by Brazilian artist Caio Cacau.

Rosenberg will reteam with Steven Savile for October’s Haunted Summer while his third book in the DuckBob series, Three Small Coinkydinks, will close out 2013.

Coming in 2014 will be at least one additional ReDeus book along with a sequel to Colchamiro’s Finders Keepers.

Additionally, Peter David announced that he has regained the publishing rights to his three Sir Apropos of Nothing novels and will be bringing them back to print via Crazy 8 Press. He also promised a fourth volume to be written within the coming year.

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  1. This is why I can’t find the Kickstarter for “I am the Salamander” !! We are ready to support Michael whenever he kicks off his project on Kickstarter. We’ll be first in line. We have enjoyed meeting the authors during Shoreleave and Michael, my daughter is still bragging about her signed copy of “Batman & Robin”. Looking forward to the Crazy 8’s at Farpoint!

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