I Am the Salamander

I Am The Salamander is ready to slither

SALAMANDER_COVER2Don’t freak out.

Tim Cruz, I mean, not you. Tim is gradually turning into something he never would have imagined possible, something stupid and horrifying and, frankly, kind of disgusting. That’s why he keeps telling himself: Don’t freak out.

Tim is the protagonist of my newest work, a young adult adventure novel I call I Am The Salamander. Last year about this time, 121 wonderful people helped make this book possible via a hair-raising, white-knuckled, thrill-a-minute Kickstarter campaign. Now, thanks to them, I Am The Salamander is ready to go to market.

It is now available as an e-book through Crazy 8 Press, Amazon, and BN.com, and as a trade paperback through Amazon.

If you were one of the 121 stalwarts who supported this project, reach back over your shoulder and give yourself a pat. You done good. If you weren’t one of the 121, well…now’s your chance to see what all the hoopla was about.

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