What I’m Working on: Aaron Rosenberg

JLS_2629I’m currently writing an Ogmios novel with Steve Saville—it’s titled Lost Cause and follows both the first Ogmios novel Silver (which came out a year or two ago) and the sequel Gold, which is out this fall. In Lost Cause, the Ogmios team goes to Japan, initially to help a friend with a kidnapping, but it rapidly turns into a much larger issue involving national treasures, the Yakuza, and a treasure hunt several centuries in the making.

Steve and I are also returning to our Phoenix story, which started with For This Is Hell and will continue this Halloween with Haunted Summer. The Phoenix, who was previously known as Christopher Marlowe, is back, this time in a new guise. And with several friends he is enjoying a lazy summer of stories, wine, and laughter. Until events force the stories to take a darker turn, becoming tales of horror that reflect the danger they now face. FTIH3

Bob, Paul, and I are getting the last few details nailed down so we can return to the world of ReDeus, this time with full-length novels, and of course I’m writing a story for Pangaea. After that I’m doing an urban fantasy novel with Silence in the Library, tentatively titled Oversight. I’m also doing a middle-grade book and a YA novel but I can’t talk about either of those, and I’m doing some work for a videogame company as well. And there will be one final DuckBob novel, Not for Small Minds, which is planned for the end of the year. This time the focus is on DuckBob’s lady love, Mary, who is brilliant as she is beautiful—and often has trouble getting people to see past the latter to the former. Native Lands front cover

I’m probably forgetting a few smaller projects, but that’s the bulk of it. 2015 is looking to be a busy year for me, which is good. I get up to too much trouble when I’m allowed to sit idle. :)

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