Geoffrey Thorne is an Outsider Visiting Pangaea

By Geoffrey Thorne

517dBviDsyLI’ve always been an outsider. Not by intention, of course, but by circumstance. I find myself often at the edges of crowds or alone in giant social gatherings. I don’t mind it. It allows me to observe and to listen and, i think, sometimes to see things people caught up in the swim of the social dance miss. I tend to write outsiders as well so when I was asked to join the PANGAEA crew I was thrilled to see how they planned to play their neanderthal population. For whatever reason they punched all my buttons hard.

What’s it like to be the only one like you in a city or a world of others? How do you make your way? What compromises do you make? What battles do you fight? How do carve out anything like a family or a decent life when you are unique and alone?

These things are of interest to me because they are part of real life. What also interests me is a good hard-boiled detective story. I think genre fiction works best when it seeks to illuminate rather than direct so that’s what I always attempt to do with my fiction. Pangaea affords the opportunity to do it in what I think is a truly unique environment.
I was happy to play in this world if for no other reason than it introduced me to Bemal which allows me introduce him to you.
Enjoy your stay.
Pangaea is now available in digital and print editions.

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