Kelly Meding Surveys the Old West Pangaea-style

By Kelly Meding

517dBviDsyLPangaea was my second opportunity working with the folks at Crazy 8 Press, and my first participation in a Kickstarter (and boy did it feel great to see both of those Tuckerizations go!). The opportunity came via the incomparable Bob Greenberger, and I was thrilled by the chance to work with Mike Friedman, whose books I’ve admired for a long time.

The concept of Pangaea intrigued me, as did the huge differences in the various states and land regions. And as I read through the story bible (several times), I kept coming back to the plains state of Promiza. I loved how it was described as a like “the American frontier.” The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to write about that location.

My pitch was basically an homage to the Old West and the “a stranger comes to town” trope, except to turn it on its head a little bit with a strong female lead. The people of Promiza are proud, independent, and they rally together in times of need—and Arista’s people need change.

They are farmers and harvesters and factory workers, living in a rough plains territory that is buffered by high winds and under constant threat of tornadoes and storms. Their towns had to reflect these harsh conditions, so their people must live low to the ground. With a nod to Tatooine, these cities are built mostly underground, with wide open patio areas for socializing, and low-crawling public transportation with wheels reminiscent of Army tanks.

I had great fun writing my tale of the Old West set on this intriguing new Supercontinent. Thanks for the opportunity.

Pangaea is now available in digital and print editions.

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