Crazy 8 Press Talks to the Fans

At Shore Leave, the six founders of Crazy 8 Press spent an hour outlining the reasons behind the founding of the company and our plans for the future.

We talked about the just-released The Camelot Papers and our second offering, Aaron Rosenberg’s No Small Bills. Mike Friedman said the third original title to be released will be an untitled modern day fantasy with its basis in classic Greek mythology.

Glenn Hauman said his first original work will be a short story to be live on July 20, with a strong theme related to the moon landing on that date in 1969.

After that, Howard Weinstein talked about three different works which he has in mind, one of which will be his first offering, likely in early 2012.

Robert Greenberger said his first work will actually be a collaboration with Aaron Rosenberg, Bloodline, a fantasy in a world with a strong Caribbean flavor.

Backlist works from Greenberger and David will be made available over the next few weeks, in-between original releases.

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