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C8 Launches Silverado Press Imprint

NEW YORK, NY – May 15, 2023— Author collective Crazy 8 Press announced today that it has officially launched Silverado Press, its new Western- and historical-themed imprint. The first two titles to publish under the Silverado Press banner include the short story collection Byrd’s Luck and Other Stories from award-winning author Jeffrey J. Mariotte, and Galloway’s Gamble 2: Lucifer & the Great Baltimore Brawl, from New York Times-bestselling author Howard Weinstein.

 “We’ve been looking to more formally expand our reach into Westerns and historical fiction, so it’s exciting for us to launch Silverado Press,” said Crazy 8 Press co-founder Robert Greenberger. “Jeff and Howie are both great writers who have delivered terrific new books that Western fans are sure to love.”

 Debuting this month, Byrd’s Luck and Other Stories contains five traditional western and five weird western tales, collecting several previously published stories, and two brand new original tales, including “Desperadoes: Into the Everdark” and “Byrd’s Law,” with cover art from acclaimed Western artist Bob Boze Bell. Continue reading


Quite literally, the first “stories” I ever wrote when I was six and seven years old were comic book stories. I also drew then because obviously a comic book needs pictures to go along with the words. Neither my writing nor pictures from those days pointed to a career in the arts, but I was only just getting started with comics. And writing. But they’ll always be intertwined for me, even now, almost 60 years later when I work primarily in prose.

Writing for DC Comics wasn’t just an idea. It was my goal, my ambition. Even more than that. It was a dream. I didn’t have the easiest childhood and the world of Superman and the Martian Manhunter and the rest of the Justice League was where I went for solace. I wanted to be as close to them as I could get.

In 1975, the dream became a reality. Coming up through the ranks of fandom and fanzines I finally stumbled through the door of DC and never looked back. Until now, in Direct Conversations: Talks With Fellow DC Comics Bronze Age Creators. Nearly 50 years and more than a thousand stories later I sat down with ten old friends and colleagues to talk about those good old Bronze Age days when we were first breaking into the business at a time when the business itself seemed to be on the verge of breaking apart. Another old friend, fellow DC, Weekly World News, and Crazy 8 Press pal Robert Greenberger wrote the introduction. Continue reading

Pub Day: Progenitor

By Christopher D. Abbott

I’ve always been a fan of period drama. Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been enthralled by period crime fiction. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, R. D. Wingfield’s Inspector Jake Frost, the list is endless.

When I started writing my own stories, all I could think about was writing a detective story. I created one in Dr. Straay, my Dutch criminal psychologist. Set in the 1930s, he had links to some of the greatest minds in psychology of the early twentieth century. I wrote two books with Straay. Sir Laurence Dies, and Dr. Chandrix Dies. They were Agatha Christie styled mystery books, because the model for Dr. Straay was the amazingly intelligent Hercule Poirot. Sir Laurence Dies later won the Reader’s Favorite Bronze Medal in the Fiction—Mystery—Sleuth genre, in 2014.

Since then, I’d spent a lot of time lost within another passion of mine, mythology. Specifically, Ancient Egyptian. I penned a short story for a publisher in London called Songs of Beast. A dark anthology that had to have the main protagonist as an animal. Later I found I was so enamored with it, I took that story and fashioned it into Songs of the Osirian. It was followed byRise of the Jackal King, Daughter of Ra, andCitadel of Ra, which completed the series. Continue reading

Crazy 8 Press Expands with Two Additions

NEW YORK – November 16, 2020 – Crazy 8 Press, the author collective populated with an all-star line-up of notable and best-selling science fiction and fantasy authors, announced today the incredible expansion of its roster with the addition of Geoffrey Thorne and Hildy Silverman.

As the first writers to join Crazy 8 Press as official members in more than five years, Thorne and Silverman bring the collective up to ten, the largest it’s ever been, adding to the collective’s roster consisting of Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Mary Fan, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Paul Kupperberg, and Aaron Rosenberg.

Thorne won accolades for his work in Simon & Schuster’s prestigious Strange New Worlds anthology, wrote the LOCUS best-selling Star Trek: Titan novel Sword of Damocles, was a writer on the hit TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent and became a writer-producer on multiple seasons of TNT’s Leverage and The Librarians.

Known for her short fiction, Silverman served as Editor-in-Chief of Space and Time Magazine for twelve years, cementing her as one of the most respected voices within the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Continue reading

Introducing Progenitor

By Christopher D. Abbott

‘You think, sir, that unless this document is recovered there will be war?’

‘I think it is very probable.’

‘Then, sir, prepare for war.’

Sherlock Holmes to Lord Bellinger, taken from The Second Stain by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

When it comes to war, I think we can all agree that no matter the reasons why we end up fighting, the business of it is, well… nasty. Like most people born after 1945, I cannot truly understand the horrors of it. Some 85 years have passed since its ending and despite the many terrible situations our world has faced since then, those horrors have diminished. We will remember, we say. But do we honestly recount the specifics of those who lost their lives so horrifically? I don’t think we always do.

When I wrote Progenitor for Crazy8Press, I decided on horror as my theme for the narrative. It made sense, since I set it during that terrible war. Yet the story itself isn’t about the war. It’s about a different kind of struggle under hideous circumstances, with a sci-fi(ish) twist. Continue reading

Angela Hardwicke, Intergalactic Private Eye

I love private eyes. Always have. Part detective, part crime stopper, part secret agent. And lots of mystery.

And yet Angela Hardwicke, my hard-boiled PI who has now appeared in eight of my books through Crazy 8 Press, seemingly came out of nowhere.

Then again, doesn’t that sound like a private eye?

An amalgam of Doctor Who, Blade Runner, and Philip Marlowe, Angela Hardwicke first appeared in Genius de Milo, the second in my Finders Keepers sci-fi comedy backpacking trilogy, which might seem an odd place for a private eye to show up in the first place.

Loosely based on a series of backpacking trips I took through Europe and New Zealand with a buddy of mine, Finders Keepers is a Bill and Ted-style romp about two loveable knuckleheads running around the globe having zany adventures, while simultaneously mixed up in a quest for a jar containing the Universe’s DNA.

Finders Keepers was supposed to be one and done, but I left it open-ended, and ultimately followed up with the sequels Genius de Milo and Astropalooza, with the scope of the three-book narrative far exceeding my expectations. Continue reading