Crazy 8 Goes Crazy at San Diego

In its first appearance at the defining convention of what’s cool in American pop culture, Crazy 8 Press was well-represented. Any of the Hollywood hotshots who attended the party hosted by Wayne Brady party Saturday night saw the C8 logo displayed prominently on the invite, and was able to pick up one of the specially designed collectible C8 cards. And, courtesy of party overlord Michael Davis, Peter David was spotted talking up C8 to Wayne Brady himself.

Speaking of the ubiquitous David, an overview of his career was the main topic of the International Media Tie in Writers Association panel on Friday where he was given that organization’s lifetime achievement award, the “Faust.” There he discussed, among other things, the current state of the industry that gave rise to the writer’s cooperative called Crazy 8, and was garnering MUCH interest in the endeavor from other writers in the audience. He was also seen talking up C8 to an interviewer for Ain’t It Cool News, getting the word out as far as it will reach.

Meanwhile visitors to the busy Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table were able to pick up limited edition cards promoting “Demon’s Circle,” the collaborative, round robin short story that was written by the C8 team at Shore Leave as a CBLDF fund raiser. If you haven’t checked out the story here then you should do so immediately, because the CBLDF is a worthy organization fighting on behalf of your First Amendment rights.

Crazy 8: Taking over San Diego one fan at a time.

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