Journey with Peter David to The Hidden Earth

“Darkness of the Light, first of a series, is another quirky, intriguing, wonderful tale, filled with adventure and unexpected plot twists.  No one else tells a story quite like Peter David does.”

                                                            –Terry Brooks

Thousands of years ago, a small number of extra-dimensional creatures—scarcely a hundred or so from twelve different races—landed on our world.  Although they were quickly hunted into oblivion, they made an indelible impression on humanity, forming the basis for most every creature of myth and fancy that exist:  Cyclops, vampires, dragons, fairies, trolls, mermaids and many more.

In the middle of the 21st century, they returned, not by the hundreds, but in the millions.  The battle for survival was fierce and bloody and, in the end, humanity lost.

Now, in an undetermined time, humanity is nearly extinct.  The Twelve Races are now locked in endless battle with each other, fighting for whatever scraps of survival remain on his planet they refer to as the Damned World. The few human survivors that remain are slaves, like Jepp, a young woman who is a helpless servant to one of the more fearsome races, the serpentine Mandraques.

But when, after a particularly lethal battle, Jepp falls in with a group of scavenging Bottom Feeders, her life begins to change.  And those changes are going to wind up having a major impact on the Damned World, although whether they will result in the return of the human race or the ultimate destruction of all remaining life on what is nothing but a Hidden Earth, no one can say for certain.

Originally released in 2007 and now out of print, Crazy 8 Press is thrilled to be able to kickstart Peter David’s rich and complex trilogy.  This will begin with the re-release of the debut novel, available as an eBook for the first time, and at the introductory price of $2.99.  This will then be immediately followed by the release of the long-awaited sequel, Height of the Depths as an eBook at $5.99 and trade paperback at $15.99.  Both will feature new covers by acclaimed artist J.K. Woodward.  A wry combination of Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Planet of the Apes, Peter David’s The Hidden Earth is a must-have for fans of epic fantasy.

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