Aztlan: The Last Sun is now available!

One week till the End of the World!

Hold on, amigo. Before you donate the contents of your bank account to Bart Simpson’s favorite charity, tell your boss where he can stick that twelve-dollar raise he gave you, and go sky-diving off Mount Rushmore–get a grip on yourself!

It’s not really the end of the world. Not the end of the real world, I mean. It’s only the end of the world in Aztlan: The Last Sun, the first in my brand-new series of 21st-century Aztec murder mysteries– available now as an e-book from Amazon. The Nook edition will follow in a day or so.

Imagine if Cortes never conquered Monteczuma. Imagine if the Aztecs expanded their empire from Tierra Del Fuego to Baffin Bay. Imagine if 2012 rolled around and that empire was plagued by a series of grisly murders that recalled the human sacrifices of ancient days?

No need to keep on imagining. It’s all in Aztlan: The Last Sun.

4 thoughts on “Aztlan: The Last Sun is now available!”

  1. I got it yesterday from Amazon to read in the kondle app for android and I was somewhat surprised to see there was no text. After some head scratching I changed the background colour to white and there it was, but when the background colour is black the text doesn’t change to white like all the other books do.

    I haven’t read it yet so I can’t coment on it, but since I am here, is “Fight the gods” meant for a sequel?

    1. I’m glad you were able to figure out the text problem. We haven’t heard from others about it, but we’re looking into it anyway. We don’t want anyone to be inconvenienced.
      Is Aztlan: The Last Sun a sequel to Fight The Gods? No, it’s in a separate literary universe. Both works feature a law enforcement officer as protagonist, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Of course, I hope you’ll enjoy both of them. If so, there are sequels for both books in the works, which you’ll find out more about periodically on the Crazy 8 website.
      Thanks, Andres.

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