Latchkeys #3 is Slightly Delayed

If you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s been a slight hiccup in completing the third Latchkeys installment, Nevermore. It’s coming along and should be available for sale in the next week or two. These things happen, even with the best of intentions, and we apologize. The HiveMind, the 13 creators contributing the series, remain committed and eager to share the world with you.

We’ve been pleased with the early response to Unlatched and The Ugly Little Bloke but we’d certainly love to hear from more of you. And if you like what you’ve read so far, please tell your friends. It’s been a little mystifying in this viral world of ours that we’ve had some trouble making people aware the books are available.

Meantime, we’re incredibly proud of the work Vance Kelly has done on the covers. We’ll be getting him to talk about the process next month but for right now, we thought we’d show off some of the process steps in the creation of a cover, using Nevermore as an example.

The rest of us at Crazy 8 Press also have plenty of other projects in the works and in May we’ll have a number of announcements that should carry us well into the summer.

As you know, we have plenty of work we do elsewhere, such as Peter David’s recent novelization of Battleship and Aaron Rosenberg’s recent Pete and Penny’s Pizza Puzzles for younger readers. My Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History is now available for pre-order so you shouldn’t miss out on that. And while Glenn Hauman hasn’t done much writing of late, it has more to do with the deluge of traffic ComicMix experienced during the recently completed March Madness event. Aaron and the Hivemind’s Paul Kupperberg are also among the contributors to Animal Planet’s Most Dangerous Animals graphic novel, which I edited and is now available.

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