Read a Preview of Aztlan: The Last Sun

Aztlan: The Last Sun, the first in a series of novellas about a world eerily similar and yet frighteningly different than our own, is finally available for Nook users.

But if that doesn’t convince you to rush out and download this for your reading pleasure, we’ve got a free PDF Aztlan1teaser for you!

It’s 2012. Maxtla Colhua is an Investigator for the Empire–an Aztec Empire that, having successfully repelled Hernan Cortes in 1603, stretches from one end of what we know as the Americas to the other. Now the Last Sun is upon Maxtla’s people, and someone has decided to punctuate it with a series of grisly murders reminiscent of the Aztecs’ pagan sacrifices in ancient times. Can Maxtla find the killer before his city is ripped apart and the Last Sun becomes the death knell for the Empire?

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