Latchkeys: Nevermore is Now on Sale

By Debbie Viguié

Latchkeys: Nevermore is for sale!  Release Day is one of the happiest, most exciting days in the life of an author.  It’s when you watch your story jump out of the nest and you hold your breath urging it to soar, to fly as you pray that it doesn’t crash and die.  There is an amazing sense of relief and accomplishment that accompanies the release of a new story.  Writers often talk about their stories as if they are children.  Well, the day a story is officially released is when the idea you’ve been nurturing and protecting is thrust out into the cold, cruel delivery room of the world.  Suddenly this story that’s been burning inside you is out there for everyone to see.

One of the coolest things about Twitter is how many posts I now see where editors, readers, and other writers congratulate you on your Pub Day or Release Day.  It’s such an amazing feeling of connecting and I love it.

So, Nevermore is now out there for the world to see.  I’m very proud of this story and of all the work that the Hivemind has put into the Latchkeys universe.  And when you read about the dark assassin who is trying to kill Poe there is an incredibly funny inside joke there.  In reality when Poe died he was muttering the name Reynolds over and over, something which has remained a bit of a mystery.  Without spoiling the story too much there is a Reynolds character in it, intent on killing Poe.  Now, I will say this, I kill Poe in the story.  But please don’t read too much into the fact that my maiden name was Reynolds!  I assure you that it’s only a happy coincidence.

The book can be purchased for Kindle or Nook and let us know what you think!

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