Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven to be Released in November

Back in March, we at Crazy 8 Press released Aztlan: The Last Sun, which followed the adventures of 21st-century Aztec gumshoe Maxtla Colhua as he tracked vicious serial killer who was cutting people’s hearts out on the eve of The Last Sun. Because you asked for it, we’ll be releasing the exciting sequel in November 2012.

In Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven, Maxtla Colhua is back, except this time he’s looking for the missing star of a brutal Aztec ball game–preferably before the guy’s fans make the streets of his city run red with blood. In the process, Maxtla realizes he’s pitting himself against a lot more than just a kidnapper. He’s going up against the very–

Hey, that would be telling.

Like its predecessor, Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven will be an e-novella available on Kindle as well as Nook. And soon afterward, it’ll come out in paperback as well.

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