A Good Week for Crazy 8 Authors

It’s been a very good week for many of the co-founders of Crazy 8 Press. In case you missed it:

42Aaron Rosenberg’s young adult novelization of the film 42 hit #1 Bestseller status in its category. The Harrison Ford movie about Jackie Robinson’s historic breaking of the baseball color barrier has been doing impressively well at the box office and renewed interest has propelled sales of the book.

Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger were name- checked in Entertainment Weekly’s preview of June’s After Earth. The producers at Sony and Overbrook clearly thought the universe expansion written by the trio, called “comics gurus”, was significant enough for inclusion.

After Earth

Much of their work has been transferred from the 350-page bible to several books coming out in the coming months. Out next week is the prequel After Earth: A Perfect Beast, written by the team. The volume also includes three of the digital Ghost Stories that Random House rolled out between December and March. A month later, Peter’s novelization of the film will arrive, complete with the final three stories. And on June 7, when the film finally opens, Bob’s United Ranger Corps Survival Manual will be released by Insight Editions.

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