After the Con

C8 Shore Leave 2013The seven members of Crazy 8 Press got very excited at being united at Shore Leave last week. We met, plotted, cajoled, drank, and generally made very merry. The books debuted on schedule and we sold a bunch, spreading the gospel.

Then everyone went home.

Last week the momentum continued as people blogged about ReDeus: Native Lands and The Hammer and the Horn. Better yet, the fine folk at SF Revue gave ReDeus: Beyond Borders a glowing review. Additionally, the digital editions of Peter David’s Fearless are now available.

So, what’s happening next?

People are writing, People are promoting. People are cogitating. And the website is being overhauled. We’re scheduled to unveil it in just under two weeks. We’ve seen preliminary design work and more under the hood work is being done. That’ll be our next release and we’ll be touting that when ready.

After that, we move into prepping our fall releases and turning an eye toward 2014. For all the new followers we’ve gained over the summer, we’d like to welcome you to our wacky, chaotic world.

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