Anthologies a place to begin and explore

When I was young my parents would take all of us to the library once a week. We would trade out the books we had checked out the week before for new books to read. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We had librarians who were more than happy to make recommendations for us based on what we liked to read. As they got to know us over the years, they knew our reading level and what we enjoyed reading.

It was a librarian who brought me to the anthology section of the children’s department. She said that anthologies were a good way to try a lot of authors and find new ones that I might like to read more from. She was right.

They had a horror anthology where I first read Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life” and Robert Block and Edger Allen Poe’s “The Tell-tale Heart” and Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” and many others. There were science fiction anthologies and mythology anthologies. I first read Harlan Ellison in one of those anthologies.

It is in anthologies that you can read both well-established writers and the up and comers to the writing profession.

Another thing I like about them is if one author is not your cup of tea, you can move onto the next story and see if that is more to your liking.

 It is a smorgasbord of words where you have more options to read various voices and styles.

I still enjoy a good anthology although they are fewer in number than when I was young.

Bob has worked very hard to bring a lot of different voices to Thrilling Adventure Yarns. He has assembled a wide range of authors and types of stories which reminds me very much of those anthologies that I started reading as a child and still read to this day.

I am proud to be one of those authors included. I really enjoyed the story I wrote.

I hope that this book does for you the reader what those anthologies did for me back in that local library. That it will entertain and give you at least one new author that you may not have read but now you want to find more of their work.

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