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The Hidden Earth Trilogy Finally Concludes!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that we have finally published Order of the Chaos, the conclusion of the Hidden Earth trilogy.

The series has had such an odd history.  The first edition, Darkness of the Light, was published by Tor in 2007.  They promised me they would publicize it if I got a pub quote from Neil Gaiman.  I asked, but Neil was too busy, and so the Tor publicity department buried it.  No one knew the book existed.  I went into bookstores throughout Florida (during a vacation) and one had ordered a single copy; no one else got any.   The sales were so pathetic it damaged my career in the long run.

I turned in the sequel, Heights of the Depths, and eighteen months later my editor, Jim Frenkel, still hadn’t gotten around to reading it.  Since the contract stated it had to be published within eighteen months of turning it in, I got the rights back.  Jim pleaded, Jim squawked, and I’m reasonably sure the event blacklisted me at Tor.  On the other hand, Frenkel was eventually fired for sexual harassment.  Make of that what you will. Continue reading