The Hidden Earth is Now Available on the Nook

Crazy 8 Press is pleased to announce that volume one of Peter David’s epic fantasy tale, The Hidden Earth, is now available exclusively through the Nook at Barnes & Noble for the next thirty days. Darkness of the Light, which launched the ambitious series back in 2007, can finally be purchased as an eBook for the introductory price of $2.99. In January the book will go wide, offered both through Amazon and as a trade paperback. In short order it will be followed by the long-awaited sequel, “Height of the Depths.” Watch this space for further announcements and go HERE to begin the journey through the Hidden Earth.

3 thoughts on “The Hidden Earth is Now Available on the Nook”

      1. Thanks. Just to clarify, the announcement I’m replying to said the Kindle edition and the trade would be available in January, hence the wording of my question.

        Mind you, I could simply go read it in hardcover, since I bought it that way when it came out – but my Kindle is much easier to manage, and doesn’t get beaten up as badly when I drag it around for a few weeks.


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