Looking Back and Gazing into the Future

What happens when a group of writers, who happen to be friends, form a collective? As it turns out, it becomes Crazy 8 Press, which launched in early July. Interestingly, we had been talking about this for a year and despite all that, the final weeks still made us wonder if we would launch on time. We did, of course, because we are nothing if not professionals.

In case you missed it, we opened with Peter David’s acclaimed The Camelot Papers, which has garnered some lovely reviews. The weekend it was released, we gang-wrote The Demon Circle as a way to generate some publicity and to create a vehicle to raise some funds for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

After that, Aaron Rosenberg showed up with No Small Bills, a whimsical story that also seemed to find an audience. I re-released “A Matter of Faith”, a 2002 short story long out of print and then Mike Friedman turned up with his first original fiction in too long a time. Fight the Gods delved once more into his favorite subject of mythology and is worth a look.

Peter David rescued his The Hidden Earth series from publisher indifference and reintroduced it to a waiting world at a nice introductory price as a Nook exclusive. It will soon be available for Kindle and print on demand while the long-delayed second volume is poised for release early this year.

But first, Latchkeys debuts. A series conceived and executed by a dozen writers, it arrives with the first short piece by Steven Savile and then a new installment will arrive with clockwork regularity.

What else can you expect in 2012?

We’ll freshen the website design for starters. We’ll blog more often so you can keep tabs on our progress.

As for things to read, you can expect more new fiction from most of us, with Howard Weinstein making his debut in a few weeks, offering you all a freebie. Mike has a new series of novellas in the works while Aaron and I have a long-simmering fantasy underway.

We’re here to stay and hope you come along for the ride because we have only just gotten started. Thanks for your interest and support May you all have a Happy 2012, Mayan calendars be damned.

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