Aztlan Omnibus Due in February

Aztlan front coverOkay. We promised you a paperback edition that brings together the novellas Aztlan: The Last Sun and Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven, and we’re delivering on that promise. In three to four weeks, depending on the whims of the publishing gods, you’ll be able to access Amazon and order Aztlan, a novel-sized work that presents the complete (well, for now) adventures of 21st-century Aztec gumshoe Maxtla Colhua.

Maxtla is an Investigator for the Empire–an Aztec Empire that, having successfully repelled Hernan Cortes 400 years earlier, stretches from one end of what we know as the Americas to the other. If you love alternate histories, if you love murder mysteries, or if you just love reading something off the beaten track…you’ll want to give Aztlan a try.

And of course, Aztlan: The Last Sun and Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven remain available as separate e-books from Crazy 8 Press. So there you go–your options are wide open.  Buy. Read. Enjoy.

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