What is Glenn Reading?

www_wednesdays42This week, Glenn Hauman weighs on his current reading in support of Should Be Reading blog’s Wednesday meme.

What have you just read?

The last comic I read was Daredevil #22, by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee. An old fashioned super-hero team up. Kind of. The last book I read was  The Onion Book of Known Knowledge, an incredibly useful book. Where else would I learn that the most plentiful object on Earth is the mouse pad?

What are you reading now?

Currently I’m reading The Signal And The Noise by Nate Silver. Very neat stuff, information theory, statistics, odds, and how being able to predict the future is a function of how well you understand the present.

What is next on your “To Be Read” pile?

I suspect it’ll be Gun Machine by Warren Ellis. But I’m getting proofs of Seduction of the Innocent by Max Allan Collins, and I soooo want to be seduced.

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