Crazy 8 Press Unveils 2013 Plans

2013-02-17 Crazy 8At Farpoint’s 20th Anniversary convention, Crazy 8 Press held a panel discussion, previewing plans for the first half of 2013.

Peter David, Aaron Rosenberg, Glenn Hauman, Bob Greenberger, and Mike Friedman addressed the audience about the great response to the first 18 months of operation. They were also candid about the pitfalls many digital publishers are facing which is marketing and publicity.

In addition to the already released sixth installment of Latchkeys, the convention saw the debut of the Latchkeys omnibus Splinters, and Aztlan, collecting the first two novellas in Mike’s new Aztec detective series.

Coming in March will be Crossline, the first book from an outsider to C8, Russ Colchamiro. Additionally, the omnibus edition of Peter David’s Pulling up Stakes will be available.

In May, the second ReDeus collection, Beyond Borders, will be released, followed in June by Fearless by Peter David. The former will be a set of tales featuring the gods outside of North America while the latter is a sequel to Peter’s charming and underrated Tigerheart.

In time for Shore Leave, Crazy 8 will release Native Lands the third volume in the ReDeus series along with a Crazy 8 surprise project, still under wraps for the moment.

Aaron will be releasing Three Small Coinkydinks, the third installment in his hilarious DuckBob series of stories.

Additional titles and projects will be unveiled as the year moves along, culminating in August for our second anniversary.


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