Mike Friedman in York, PA on Saturday

Mike FriedmanFor a long time I’ve been hearing great things about the York Emporium, a 19,000-sq.-ft. repository of pulp magazines, vinyl records, and other fun stuff at 343 West Market Street in downtown York, Pa. — which is why I was happy to accept an invitation to speak at the Emporium’s annual Sci Fi Saturday on June 15th.

The action gets underway at 10 a.m., so plan on walking the dog a little earlier that day. Proprietor Jim Lewin tells me he’ll be airing Resistance, my Voyager first-season episode, which features a brilliant performance by canny veteran actor Joel Grey. And at some point in the afternoon, you might — just might — see me pit my 1970s-vintage Division One fencing technique against a horde of light-saber-swinging Jedi knights.

Unless, of course, I come to my senses.

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