Crazy 8 Goes to Origins!

OriginsLogoOr at least one of the Crazy 8 founders is! Aaron Rosenberg, author of the SF comedies No Small Bills and Too Small for Tall and co-creator of the ReDeus anthologies, will be at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. “I’m looking forward to it,” Rosenberg reported. “I used to go to GenCon [Origins’ sister convention, held in August in Indianapolis] every year, first as a gamer and then as a game publisher, but I stopped after my kids were born and after my writing focus shifted from games to novels. I’ve never had the opportunity to check out Origins before, but they’ve been building a solid author track the past few years so when they invited me to participate I decided to give it a try.” Aaron’s panels are listed below, and he will also be selling books in the dealer’s hall with the other authors of the Library, including not only No Small Bills, Too Small for Tall, and the ReDeus anthologies but also his space-opera Birth of the Dread Remora and his occult thriller Incursion. If you’re attending Origins, stop by and say hi!


10am Room B (C223) Hey! I’ve got a day job! – Aaron isn’t officially on this panel but may be there anyway

2pm Mayfair Room (D130-132) Family Business (game) – come game with Aaron!


10am Room A (C222) Networking (a.k.a. making friends over a pint)

11am Room A (C222) The Myth of Writer’s Block – Aaron isn’t officially on this panel but will probably either attend it or be on it


10am Room A (C222) Good Guys Wear Black Hats

11am Room A (C222) Writing the Trilogy – Aaron isn’t officially on this panel but will probably either attend it or be on it

Noon Room A (C222) A Rose By Any Other Name …

3pm Room A (C222) Self-Publishing – Aaron isn’t officially on this panel but will probably be on it anyway


10am Room A (C222) The Art of the Short Story OR Room B (C223) Everything you wanted to know about Urban Fantasy – Aaron isn’t on either of these panels but may attend (or crash) one or the other.

11am Room A (C222) Writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction

1pm Room A (C222) Writing Your First Novel – Aaron is on this panel but may have to miss it in order to catch his flight home

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