TV is no longer Appointment Viewing

colonel bleepSo…you have time to watch TV? Really? How do you do that? Does it involve a deal with an infernal being? Because, I mean, that wouldn’t be a total deal-breaker.

When I was young, in fact all the way up through high school, I watched prime time TV with a singular devotion. Not just science fiction but everything. Have Gun, Will Travel. The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Colonel Bleep. Coronet Blue. Candid Camera. The Smothers Brothers. Captain Nice. I’ve Got A Secret. If I missed a show it was only because it was on at the same time as a show I was already watching, and in those days you didn’t have the option of a DVR.

herculoidsOn Saturday mornings I watched cartoons with near-religious fervor. If I didn’t start my day with a heaping helping of Jonny Quest, Heckle and Jeckle, and the Herculoids, I just didn’t feel right.

In college, all that went away. Suddenly I didn’t have a TV nor did I feel the need for one. I don’t know if it was TV or me that changed, but we were no longer a couple. We would run into each other at parties, exchange a few awkward comments, and gratefully recall other engagements. We had grown apart.

It happens.

Big BangSure, there were shows I watched and enjoyed later in life. In some cases, enjoyed immensely. All In The Family comes to mind. The Star Trek programs, of course. Beauty and The Beast. Cheers. Hill Street Blues. Seinfeld. More recently, Big Bang and Madmen and Fringe, and Game of Thrones.

But it ain’t destination TV for me because there are so many other places I have to be, some of them rather unexpectedly, and I hate missing the odd episode and coming in the following week in the middle of a crisis I don’t understand. In fact, these days I seldom watch a dramatic series until it’s over and available on Netflix.

So right now, I’m the wrong guy to ask about Sleepy Hollow and Dracula and SHIELD. A few years from now, sure.

But now, not so much.

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