Happy New Year! 2014 will be our Best Year Yet

It’s been seemingly quiet on the publishing front here at Crazy 8 Press. We had a flurry of books released around Shore Leave and our second anniversary.

Looking back, 2013 was a solid year for this outfit. We welcomed Russ Colchamiro and Paul Kupperberg to our family, each bringing some incredibly fun stories with them, from space fare to a murder mystery. We also released Rob Kelley’s Hey Kids, Comics, our first attempt at publishing a title not directly produced by one of us. We learned a lot from the experience and look forward to what may come next.

Peter David and Aaron Rosenberg both released new novels while Mike finally brought his very first novel back to print after several decades. Aaron, Paul, and I produced two volumes in our ReDeus world and had tremendous fun in the process.

Since then, we haven’t released much. But we haven’t exactly been idle.

First of all, Mike Friedman launched and succeeded with his Kickstarter campaign to fund his writing I am the Salamander, a brand new novel that will roll out early this year.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been talking and planning. We have definitely rededicated ourselves to getting the word out as far and as wide as possible, improving our sales and exposure. There are some incredible books available here but it feels like a well-kept secret and we want to change that.

So, in the coming months you will hear more about us and from us. Incrementally, you should start seeing changes to the website as we grow and evolve. Navigation should be easier and it’ll be more obvious when something new is here to read or buy. We’ve started adding in our personal appearances so you can find us and say hello.

Our publishing lineup is packed and everyone is at work on stories. Out-of-print titles by some of our writers will return, which is one of the benefits of self-publishing. All seven of us will have at least one new thing to offer before this year becomes a memory. We’re very excited about 2014 and our third year, as we grow in experience, only matched by our enthusiasm.

We hope you will enjoy the ride alongside us.

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