We’re Making New Year’s Resolutions

The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions is traced, I’m told, back to the Babylonians who seemed to know what they were doing. Far be it from the seven of us at Crazy 8 Press not to follow such a time-honored practice.

Personally, I would love to see myself writing more work for this site. At present, I have one story for an anthology promised for this summer. Beyond that, there’s a ReDeus novel that needs plotting but realistically won’t be out until 2015.

The ReDeus universe shows tremendous promise now that we’ve seen three anthologies exploring the first two decades after all the gods have returned. It has gotten good notices form those who have read the books and that encourages Aaron Rosenberg, Paul Kupperberg, and myself. But there are other stories to tell, including my young adult fantasy and an urban fantasy. Of late, though, my imagination has been captured by a Civil War event, one I want to research and explore before deciding what to do with this incredible love story. I chanced across the tale while touring Manassas during the winter break and to my surprise I can’t find any books on this incident requiring some further digging.

(In the meantime, I continue to do reviews and the occasional other story over at ComicMix and write my twice-monthly column at Westfield Comics, so I’m not entirely idle.)

As a site that allows us total creative freedom and expression, there’s more I want to do but time, thanks to the teaching gig, is preciously limited.

But beyond that, I resolve to work harder to help C8’s third year be its best yet, building off the things discussed in our New Year’s post. I want to help raise our visibility and broaden our outreach through school and public libraries. I want to be one of the people at public events, beyond conventions.

I also promise to continue to eat fruits and vegetables, take my vitamin D and try to lose weight.

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