Mary Fan Joins Crazy 8 Press

For our last big group convention of the summer, we at Crazy 8 Press gathered for our annual pilgrimage to Shore Leave in Cockeysville, Maryland. As usual, it was a smashing success.

We launched our newest anthology — Love, Murder & Mayhem (which is on sale now and available here) — spoke or moderated a few dozen panels between us, hung out with fans, laughed it up with friends, and just had a great time.

But Crazy 8 Press also made a big announcement, one we’re thrilled to share with you now. When we started this author experiment there were, as the name suggests, eight of us. Due to some twists and turns, we pared down to five for a while, then ramped back up to seven.

Well…we thought it was time for us to live up to our name again and add an eighth member. So we did.

We are thrilled to announce that Mary Fan is now an official member of Crazy 8 Press!

Yep. There’s another inmate at the asylum.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mary, she writes science fiction and fantasy geared predominantly towards a YA audience and typically featuring a host of smart, creative, and ambitious female characters. She’s written several novels and contributed to various anthologies — including Love, Murder & Mayhem — and will soon be announcing her first book through Crazy 8 Press.

To learn more about Mary, here’s her website and various social media links where you can follow her adventures:

Find her online at
Blog: Zigzag Timeline (
Twitter: @astralcolt
Instagram: @astralcolt

Please welcome Mary–we hope you look forward to seeing her contributions as much as we do!

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