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Launching at Shore Leave

Crazy 8 Press will be storming Shore Leave in Cockeysville, Maryland this weekend and we have plenty of ways to celebrate our launch. Here’s our collective schedule although as individuals we will be on various panels throughout the weekend.


10 p.m.                 Meet the Pros

Come say hello. Buy our books. Get autographs. And fill out the form suggesting the opening line for the charity story to be written all weekend. Updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page.


Noon                     Crazy 8 Press panel

All six of us will be explaining why we formed Crazy 8 Press and what we have planned and how you, as readers, can benefit. At the conclusion, the winning opening line will be selected. Then, at the Crazy 8 Press table, come watch the mania as we craft a story from this opening line and hand it off from one to another. When done, it will be sold with profits going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

1:00 p.m.             Mike Friedman Continue reading