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Crazy 8 Goes Crazy at San Diego

In its first appearance at the defining convention of what’s cool in American pop culture, Crazy 8 Press was well-represented. Any of the Hollywood hotshots who attended the party hosted by Wayne Brady party Saturday night saw the C8 logo displayed prominently on the invite, and was able to pick up one of the specially designed collectible C8 cards. And, courtesy of party overlord Michael Davis, Peter David was spotted talking up C8 to Wayne Brady himself.

Speaking of the ubiquitous David, an overview of his career was the main topic of the International Media Tie in Writers Association panel on Friday where he was given that organization’s lifetime achievement award, the “Faust.” There he discussed, among other things, the current state of the industry that gave rise to the writer’s cooperative called Crazy 8, and was garnering MUCH interest in the endeavor from other writers in the audience. He was also seen talking up C8 to an interviewer for Ain’t It Cool News, getting the word out as far as it will reach. Continue reading

Writing in Confined Spaces

Just the other day, we were talking about writing “Demon Circle” in a tight, confined space. To demonstrate we were not kidding, we wanted to share with you some shots that prove our truthfulness. These were taken by Shore Leave’s official photographer, Jen Rohrbach Snyder, who doubles as a professional photographer in her Maryland business Lux Amoris.

The story remains available for purchase as a eBook with all the proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a group dedicated to providing funds to support comic book creators and retailers in defending their right to free speech. They have several cases on their docket and every nickel will help. One reason we chose this fund is because our own Peter David serves on their Board of Directors in addition to the fact that as authors, we vigorously believe in defending our rights against those who seek to impose their will on others.

The first image is of our founder, Michael Jan Friedman, then there’s Bob Greenberger, trying to get used to the keyboard. Author Scott Pearson begs Mike for advice on how to be famous. Bill Leisner stands behind him, eavsdropping. Finally, Aaron Rosenberg, in his quiet, unassuming way, ignores the distracting crowds and focuses on making his contribution sing. Continue reading

The Story Behind the Story of “Demon Circle”

“There’s no way we’re going to get all of this mopped up in time!”

A good first line can get you intrigued, or excited. It is designed to draw you in and set the tone for what you are about to read.

It can spark as many imaginations as there are people in the room to hear the words.

At Shore Leave, we wanted to celebrate our debut and do some good at the same time so we decided to write a round-robin short story based on a first line submitted by a fan. All those interested ponied up $2 a line and submitted a form. During our Crazy 8 Press panel at Noon Saturday, people continued to fill out forms as we discussed our plans.

Peter David then read out each line submitted, without attribution, and gauged the audience’s response. We narrowed down the lines until finally; the line atop this column won the support of the fans and the writers.

Once the final line was selected, Peter revealed the name of the winner, who turned out to be fellow author Kevin Dilmore.

As the panel ended, we set up a spare Mac Book in our reserved space and attached an external monitor so fans passing by could watch our progress. While Glenn Hauman and Bob Greenberger fussed with the technical issues, Michael Jan Friedman, batting leadoff, was furiously scribbling notes. Once a document was set up, Mike got to work. Continue reading

Crazy 8 Press Talks to the Fans

At Shore Leave, the six founders of Crazy 8 Press spent an hour outlining the reasons behind the founding of the company and our plans for the future.

We talked about the just-released The Camelot Papers and our second offering, Aaron Rosenberg’s No Small Bills. Mike Friedman said the third original title to be released will be an untitled modern day fantasy with its basis in classic Greek mythology.

Glenn Hauman said his first original work will be a short story to be live on July 20, with a strong theme related to the moon landing on that date in 1969.

After that, Howard Weinstein talked about three different works which he has in mind, one of which will be his first offering, likely in early 2012.

Robert Greenberger said his first work will actually be a collaboration with Aaron Rosenberg, Bloodline, a fantasy in a world with a strong Caribbean flavor.

Backlist works from Greenberger and David will be made available over the next few weeks, in-between original releases.

Launching at Shore Leave

Crazy 8 Press will be storming Shore Leave in Cockeysville, Maryland this weekend and we have plenty of ways to celebrate our launch. Here’s our collective schedule although as individuals we will be on various panels throughout the weekend.


10 p.m.                 Meet the Pros

Come say hello. Buy our books. Get autographs. And fill out the form suggesting the opening line for the charity story to be written all weekend. Updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page.


Noon                     Crazy 8 Press panel

All six of us will be explaining why we formed Crazy 8 Press and what we have planned and how you, as readers, can benefit. At the conclusion, the winning opening line will be selected. Then, at the Crazy 8 Press table, come watch the mania as we craft a story from this opening line and hand it off from one to another. When done, it will be sold with profits going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

1:00 p.m.             Mike Friedman Continue reading