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Counting Down to our Second Anniversary – Part 6

2ndBirthdayC8What a crazy year this has been.

I’m selling my apartment in Queens, buying a house in New Jersey, and by the time Shore Leave comes about—just two weeks away, yikes!—I will have launched not one, but two wild science fiction novels with my pals at Crazy 8 Press.

Aaaand … this will not only be my first trip to Shore Leave, but it will also be the first time that the entire Crazy 8 Press team will be gathered in one place at the same time, all while Captain Kirk himself William Shatner plays guest speaker at the event. (Now, I know Shatner’s PR team is saying that he was ‘invited’, but between us he really came to check out Crazy 8 Press).

But let’s get back to the books.

For those of you new to my work, earlier this year I debuted my mysterious, action-packed sci-fi romp Crossline, my first project with Crazy 8 Press. If you want to get a better idea of the scope of the adventure, here’s a pretty awesome trailer I think you’ll enjoy.

Russ photo 2And now in typical sci-fi style, let’s time travel to the past so we can return to the future. Continue reading

Crossline is Feeling the Love

Crossline coverWhen Crossline debuted this spring, i had no idea the kind of reception it would receive. So far, I have been humbled by the great reviews it has garnered, Over at Goodreads, one recently wrote a detailed analysis which I just had to share with everyone:

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Crossline. It’s an adventurous tale of space ships and dimensional travel…of warring cultures and dopplegangers…of spirituality and technology…of the breadth of time and the power of the moment. I entered into this book expecting another comedic and trippy tale from Russ Colchamiro. What I got was much, much more.

I’m a big fan of Russ’s first book, Finders Keepers, especially the wild mix of comedy and science fiction that reminded me (fondly) of Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore. Finders Keepers was very funny with just the right amount of wacky WTF? moments that I couldn’t put it down. Specifically, Russ is excellent at describing the sensory overload found in a severe hallucinogenic trip, and that excellence is found again in Crossline, though this time he uses it to describe the buffet of sensory input found in warping through the solar system. Those moments come alive easily, and when combined with his ease at writing comedic dialogue, the narrative in Crossline comes alive. Continue reading