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New Year’s Resolutions: A Sucker’s Game?

RobKelly-PK_9-13 copy
Crazy 8’s Paul Kupperberg and Hey Kids, Comics! editor Rob Kelly on the floor of 2013’s Baltimore Comic-Con!

The seconds tick down towards midnight. The old year is about to end, taking with it the previous 365 days worth of triumphs and regrets, hopes and fears. While we wait for the climatic moment, we think back on what was achieved in the year just past…and on our failures as well. But the turn of this particular calendar page is traditionally a time to wipe the slate clean and begin fresh. A new start in a new year.

Or not…

Once again, I take my turn in the Crazy 8 blog rotation as the voice of dissent. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions; I figure there are enough disappointments in my life that I don’t have to set myself up for additional failure based on some arbitrary flip of the calendar. ‘Cause, I mean, really, what says “resolve” better than alcohol-soaked musings in the middle of the forced jocularity of New Year’s eve celebrations? The only New Year’s Resolution that I ever kept beyond January 3rd was the resolution to stop making New Year’s Resolutions. Continue reading