ReDeus’ Third Volume Explores Native Lands

ReDeusLogoWhen the gods came back in 2012 and demanded everyone return to their ancestral homeland and worship as their forefathers did, they probably expected a mass exodus from the United States of America.

Of course, you don’t displace nearly 315 million people overnight. You also take into account that the world economy depends on the USA for services and goods that can’t easily be replaced or replicated elsewhere. Over time, accommodations have to be made; effectively cutting deals with the myriad Native America gods of North America.

This creates many fabulous storytelling possibilities for the gods and mortals alike and that is what we set out to explore in ReDeus: Native Lands, our third volume of stories. The book will debut at Shore Leave in August, a part of Crazy 8 Press’ second anniversary party.

Earlier this year, we released Beyond Borders, a chance to explore what was happening away from North America and we witnessed overcrowding in some places, despair in others. These first two decades after The Return have taken a toll, not just on the global economy, which was no great shakes to begin with, but also on man’s spirit.

For the new volume, we will have a chance to visit Americas coast to coast, meeting familiar gods such as Coyote and many you’ve never heard of since their mythology is not readily studied in American schools. We’ll be meeting characters from the first two volumes and introducing you to many more.

Similarly, for this book we will welcome back Lorraine Anderson, Steven Lyons, Scott Pearson, Steven H. Wilson, David McDonald, William Leisner, David Galanter, Allyn Gibson, and, Lawrence M. Schoen.

And we will say hello to friends making their ReDeus debut with this book including Robert T. Jeschonek, Australian author Lois Spangler, and our Star Trek pals Kevin Dilmore and David R. George III.

Co-creators and co-editors Aaron Rosenberg, Paul Kupperberg, and I will also be on hand with new stories.

We’re once more really proud of how our friend shave stepped up and helped us explore this new world. We’re delighted with the results and hope you will enjoy the journey across the highways and byways of a transformed landscape.

3 thoughts on “ReDeus’ Third Volume Explores Native Lands”

  1. Hi, I’ve flipped through the books at a local store, and I was just wondering if there would be any more ReDeus books in the future, or if these 3 were it. Just curious…

  2. We have not revealed details beyond the next three entries being full-length novels from Paul Kupperberg, Aaron Rosenberg, and me. No schedule as yet but at least one if not two should be out this year.

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