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Counting Down to our Second Anniversary Part 4

Insanity is Contagious

2ndBirthdayC8You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result.” But oddly enough, I’d done this before.

I started e-publishing back in the 90s, starting up one of the first e-publishing ventures ever (no, not the first. I walked the paths of other pioneers, and tried to avoid the pitfalls they ran into, finding new ones instead) with a company called BiblioBytes. We proudly outlasted a number of better-funded latecomers, but time and the Twin Towers took their toll on the biz, and I packed up shop in early 2002. So when Michael Jan Friedman said, “I want to start an e-publishing venture for our books, and I want you invovled,” I was trepidatious. That’s because my mother raised me not to say “Are you f%$#@! nuts?” to friends.

And yet– times had changed. In the decade since I stopped doing e-publishing full time, the Internet had become even more omnipresent in our lives, electronic readers had come out with wide selections and deep market penetration, print-on-demand was finally economically viable, and traditional publishing business-as-usual wasn’t cutting it. Clearly, a bit of madness was called for. Continue reading

Now we “Fight The Gods”!

And they said it couldn’t be done! Fight The Gods, Michael Jan Friedman’s brand-new roller coaster of an urban fantasy novel, can now be accessed on your Kindle or through your Kindle app. Just look for the link here on the Crazy 8 Press site.

Fight The Gods is about Zeno Aristos, who, at the age of thirty-eight, is trying to find himself. Much to his girlfriend’s chagrin, he’s quit the New York City police force and can’t figure out what he wants to do with his life. A job in security doesn’t appeal to him. Bodyguard work leaves him cold. Only single-wall handball, with its street culture of razor-edged competition, seems to get his juices flowing.

Then someone close to Zeno is kidnapped, and his search for that person leads him through a gauntlet of increasingly dark and cryptic forces, taking him from the sullen streets of gang-ravaged Brooklyn to the manicured cemeteries of suburban New Jersey to the slick corporate penthouses of midtown Manhattan. The deeper Zeno digs, the more certain he is that he’s dealing not with a mere earthly adversary, but with an ancient entity steeped in the deepest and most malevolent of mysteries. Continue reading

Fly, DuckBob, fly!

Yes, it’s finally here! Aaron Rosenberg’s hilarious new science fiction novel, No Small Bills, is now available for sale through both Barnes and Noble and Amazon! Here’s what people are saying about it:

“If you’re looking for some wacky light reading, this book is for you. . . . Bob’s narration is the best part of this book — half Mickey Spillane and half Woody Allen. Definitely great reading for a rainy Sunday afternoon.”

“This book is really fun and funny! . . . Love the narrative voice and the flow of the story.”

“Fans of surrealist humor, Monty Python, Science Fiction, and Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series will enjoy the adventures of DuckBob Spinowitz, a classic wise-acre everyman (who happens to have the head of a duck).”

What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

Get Your First Look At “The Camelot Papers” by Peter David!

A powerful ruler who’s considered by many to be simple-minded and vacuous and has serious father issues.  A no-nonsense, polarizing woman who favors pants suits and pursues dubious agendas involving social needs.  A remarkably magnetic leader of men with a reputation as a skirt-chaser.  A scheming, manipulative advisor who is constantly trying to control public perceptions.  A man seen as the next, great hope for the people, except there are disputes over his background and many contend he’s not what he appears to be.

George W?  Hillary and Bill?  Karl Rove?  Obama?

Try Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and Galahad.

Learn here, for the first time, the down-and-dirty royal secrets that plagued Camelot as told by someone who was actually there, and adapted by acclaimed New York Times bestseller Peter David.  Full of sensationalism, startling secrets and astounding revelations, The Camelot Papers is to the realm of Arthur what the Pentagon Papers is to the military:  something that all those concerned would rather you didn’t see. Continue reading