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My Next Novel is for Amazon Books

300px-Clarke-dodgerI am currently working on a new book.  It is entitled ARTFUL: Being the Heretofore Secret History of that Unique Individual, The Artful Dodger, Hunter of Vampyres (Amongst Other Things.) It is exactly what it sounds like:  a continuation of the story of one of the most memorable supporting characters from Oliver Twist and casting him into an unaccustomed role.

It is not being published by Crazy 8 Press.  It’s being published by Amazon Books.

Why am I going through a publisher rather than providing it to the readers myself?  It’s time to be honest, guys:  It’s because they pay me.  Amazon forks over money in advance.  And not only does that not happen with Crazy 8, but even when the books get out there, my readers are slow to pick them up.

I don’t blame you guys.  A lot of you have never even heard of Fearless, Pulling up Stakes, The Camelot Papers, or other Crazy 8 offerings.  Or else people will say helpful and supportive things like, “It’s on my wish list!”  Because apparently $4.99 is out of your price range. Continue reading

Counting Down to our Second Anniversary Part 5

2ndBirthdayC8Jim Frenkel is gone from Tor Books.

When this news broke through the science fiction community, all I could think about was how he contributed to my joining up with Crazy 8.

I’m not entirely sure if I would have if it hadn’t been for Frenkel.  But you see, he was the editor on a trilogy of mine (two books so far) called the Hidden Earth trilogy.  It was designed to be a blend of science fiction and fantasy, and consequently was of no interest to potential publishers who asserted that such combos never sold.  The only publisher interested was Tor, and they bought it for a relative song.

The first book was put out with exactly zero promotion.  Bookstores in my own neighborhood carried no copies.  It was the worst distributed novel of my career and the low numbers helped tank sales on every subsequent book of mine.  Meanwhile the second novel was sitting on Frenkel’s desk, and it sat and it sat, unread, untouched, for nearly two years.  And when I pointed out to Frenkel that contractually the book had to come out within three months, and was that going to happen, he laughed at me. Continue reading

Peter David Announces Tigerheart Sequel, Fearless

Peter-David-Duotone“What happens next?”

That was what my daughter, Caroline, asked me after I finished reading her my (then) new novel, Tigerheart.  A reworking and reinterpretation of Peter Pan, Tigerheart told the story of a young boy named Paul who had a grand adventure.  And Caroline–seven years old at the time–was apparently quite taken by it.  At the end there were allusions to further adventures, and Caroline wanted to know what they were.

“You should do a story about his sister, Mary,” said Caroline without waiting for me to answer the question.

“Okay, well…what would you want to see happen to Mary?” I asked.

And she proceeded to tell me.  She told me all the major story elements she wanted to see.  The mythical country; her conveyance; Purl; Hunter.  All this and more came from Caroline’s boundless imagination, including the core concept:  Mary’s best friend’s imagination runs off and Mary has to go find it for her.

Every night I would read another chapter to Caroline and then get her thoughts for what happened next.  I came up with some of my own notions, but Caroline continued to be a font of ideas.  And over a period of time, Fearless came together. Continue reading

Read an Excerpt from Peter David’s Pulling up Stakes

Sick of vampire books?  Movies?  TV shows?

Yeah.  So are we.

Sick of the entire unlife of vampires?

Yeah.  So is Vince Hammond.

Unfortunately, Vince is in it up to his (wait for it) neck.  Because Vince is a young vampire hunter who lives with his vampire hunter mother in an entire community of vampire hunters, who in turn are part of a cult of vampire hunters going back all the way to the French Revolution, which many believe to be an uprising of the poor against the rich but was actually a massive purging of vampires from the French nobility (hence the guillotine; way more efficient than shoving stakes into their hearts.)

And here’s Vince’s major problem:  he’s a vampire.  But he dare not “come out of the coffin,” as it were, and reveal his true nature, because his mother will literally kill him.  And if she doesn’t manage it, she has lots of friends and neighbors to help make sure that happens.

So instead Vince has to keep his head down and hunt his own kind while making sure not to actually kill them since, for the most part, vampires are law-abiding citizens who drink from eagerly volunteering “Wanna V’s”  hoping for their own shot at the night life.  But when some out-of-town hunters show up with a very personal connection to Vince, his two worlds are going to collide in a way that may wind up forcing Vince to run for the hills…assuming he can get far enough away before Mom hunts him down. Continue reading

Peter David is “Pulling Up Stakes”

Fans don’t always realize how much of what they get to read on the marketplace gets out there despite publisher preconceptions.  History is filled with any number of books, ranging from A Wrinkle in Time to Confederacy of Dunces to Harry Potter, that hit the market and left in their wake a host of rejections from various editors because the stories didn’t fit in with what they were looking for.

Pulling up Stakes first made its presence known at various conventions when I first started working on it.  I’d read sample chapters and enthused audiences begged to know when it was going to be done so that they could find out what happened next.

Yet when the book was circulated to editors, the reason for their passing on it were impressive, to say the least.

Stakes tells the skewed tale of Vincent Hammond, a twenty-something vampire stalker, who lives with his domineering mother in a small community of hunters tracing their lineage back to the French Revolution.  Vince, however, has a rather singular problem:  he’s a vampire.  And if his mother finds out, she’ll kill him.  Literally.  So he doesn’t dare come out of the coffin, so to speak and keeping his secret becomes further complicated when… Continue reading