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What I’m Working on: Peter David

021Greetings to all my Crazy 8 fans.  Been a while since I’ve taken the time to say hi.  I thought I’d bring you up to speed on what’s been going on in my life creatively.

Things have been exceedingly busy, which regrettably has taken time away from my Crazy 8 activities.  For instance, we have regained the rights to the Sir Apropos of Nothing books.  For those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience the adventures of Apropos—a snarky aspiring knight who was born to a tavern wench, lame of leg but sharp of wit—you’re going to have a great time meeting him. There are currently three books in the series, and I am working on a fourth one in which Apropos finds himself in Egypt (or the Apropos equivalent of it) wherein he accidentally frees the Jews and unleashes a mummy’s curse.  The title?  Pyramid Schemes.  I will endeavor to have it out for you this year.

At the moment, though, I am finishing the third of three Star Trek: New Frontier novellas.  Entitled The Returned, they will be coming out in July, August and September of this year as ebooks, followed by a collection of them in a single print novel.  We’ll be picking up exactly where we left off in Blind Man’s Bluff some years ago, and I hope it will be worth the wait. Continue reading

What I’m Working On: Russ Colchamiro

RussFunShot01-PPIt is totally ‘go time’ for Genius de Milo, the sequel to Finders Keepers.

The print version is finished, produced, and ready. The e-book is juuuuust about there.

I’m also in the process of lining up various convention appearances, book reviews, and blog posts to promote the newest book in my sci-fi backpacking trilogy, and if all goes according to plan, Genius de Milo will be officially launched within two more weeks.

So how’s that for busy?!

I’m also taking lots of notes for the third and final book in the Finders Keepers trilogy, which I’m hoping to have in your hands next year. So when Genius de Milo hits the stands, you can be rest assured that there’s more coming right behind it.

In between I’ll be writing my contribution to the Crazy 8 Press anthology Pangaea, spearheaded by our illustrious co-founder Michael Jan Friedman, who presided over the successful (woo hoo!!) Kickstarter campaign funding our project.

Genius de Milo Front Cover for WebBut for me it’s pretty much all cosmic lunacy all the time, with the Finders Keepers trilogy consuming most of my writing hours. Continue reading

Spotlight on our Author Spotlights

Pangaea titlePart of the fun of running a Kickstarter campaign for our Pangaea anthology is writing Author Spotlights. I know, they sound like they’d be a chore. But they’re not. Really.

The reason is as I’m writing them, I’m also marveling at the talent we’ve assembled to explore Pangaea–a super-continent on which mankind lives and always has lived, according to our unique sci fi alternate reality. You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty good list.

Christian-Kane-The-Librarians-3_0Our first spotlight was on Geoffrey Thorne, a multi-talented fellow who was a successful actor before he became a TV writer and a damned good one. His current assignment is to co-produce The Librarians. Yeah, those Librarians. The man’s also got a voice like an angel, for what that’s worth.

Next we profiled Michael A. Burstein, who writes the kind of brilliant science fiction that Isaac Asimov would be proud of. Michael’s been nominated for so many Hugos and Nebulas, he’s lost count of them. Well, almost. And his story I Remember The Future is now an award-winning indie film. Continue reading

Take three DuckBobs and call me in the morning!

No, that wasn’t it. Hang on . . . DuckBob takes three in the morning and never calls!

Still not right.

Oh, wait, I remember now—it’s DuckBob, Take Three!

That’s right, if you loved No Small Bills and Too Small for Tall, and have been tearing out your hair in despair because there weren’t any more stories about everyone’s favorite alien-altered, duckheaded bloke, your prayers have been answered! Because the third DuckBob novel is now here! DuckBob is back, along with Tall, Ned, Mary, and a whole host of other wacky characters. See what happens to DuckBob’s job! Learn why Ned sounds like he’s from Brooklyn! Meet DuckBob’s family! And more!

Want more info? Check out the back cover copy:

Bob Spinowitz was an Coinkydinks coverCaverage guy—until aliens abducted him and gave him the head of a duck. Then they asked “DuckBob” to save the universe, since their modifications meant he could. Talk about a backhanded compliment!

Amazingly, though, DuckBob did it. And thus became Guardian of the Matrix, which protects the cosmos from further invasion—as long as he’s plugged in. Literally. Continue reading

How I Met the Author – Russ Colchamiro

C8 Farpoint 2014 panel 2It was PhilCon, a convention that is, ironically, held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I was there for the first time, one of several author guests, and in between panels I was wandering the dealers’ room. I checked out the various tables, admiring weapons and memorabilia and other geek merchandise, but not surprisingly most of my attention went to the books. Not those sold by booksellers as much as the ones offered by authors and small presses. Those I stopped to examine more closely, looking over the covers, reading the back copy, flipping through the interiors. I’m a graphic designer and a book layout artists as well as a writer, so on the one hand I was looking at the books for their production value, but I was also curious what other people were writing around me.

One table had only a single book available, but its cover was enough to intrigue me—it was a frenetic scene, showing several figures pushing and shoving and climbing over each other in front of an island sunset, each striving for a glowing jar that floated just out of reach. Finders Keepers, the cover proclaimed. “A novel by Russ Colchamiro.” Continue reading

8 Things you Need to Know About Russ Colchamiro

Russ Farpoint 2014You wanted to know more about us, but you know what they say … be careful for what you wish for. You might surely get it! What that warning in mind, here are 8 Things you Need to Know About Crazy 8 Press Author Russ Colchamiro (but might have been afraid to ask, or might be traumatized by, now that you know them).

1- Russ’ first work of fiction came in the 3rd grade. It was a King Arthur-esque action/mystery tale, with the evil King Quenpor. Wow. Was it bad.

2- During his student teaching tenure in Buffalo, NY, Russ taught five classes a day, all 11th grade English. He didn’t meet two of his students because they were out — on maternity leave — each for their second child.

3- A one-time Wiffle ball aficionado, one summer afternoon, in front of his house in Merrick, NY, on Long Island, Russ was on the mound. Pitching, he chucked a pretty good slider, which his buddy smacked over his head. Russ dashed after the batted ball, across the street, head craned in the air. He leapt, to make an incredible basket catch, Willie Mays-style, but his foot hit the curb, hard. When he came down, Russ landed on his wrist, to brace himself. He wound up badly spraining his left wrist, which required a splint, and broke the big toe on his right foot, putting him on the DL for 6 weeks. The first recorded injury in Wiffle Ball history. Continue reading