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Introducing ReDeus, a Brand New World, a Bold New Anthology

You know how there’s this legend that the world was built in seven days? How about a story of creation that took nearly four years? Or the one about how something was built out of nothing in under a month?

In November 2008, Aaron Rosenberg and Paul Kupperberg had been kicking around some ideas for creating a shared universe. They came up with one so momentous that they needed a third hand to help bring this to life. They asked me to come play.  The ideas flew back and forth with intensity—and then, it seems, life got in the way.

At one point, Paul said he was too busy so bowed out, wishing us luck with the gestating universe. We still needed a third (sort of like a minion but without the membership requirements) so we talked to Steven Savile, who was busily hatching other ideas with Aaron, one of which became For This is Hell.

Some more work was done, including a three-month effort to raise some funding via Kickstarter. We were among the unlucky ones not to get the monies we needed, but that’s another tale. In any case, we turned to other projects for a while, conceiving, among other things, Latchkeys. But ReDeus continued to gnaw at us, an idea too cool to let go. Continue reading

Peter David is “Pulling Up Stakes”

Fans don’t always realize how much of what they get to read on the marketplace gets out there despite publisher preconceptions.  History is filled with any number of books, ranging from A Wrinkle in Time to Confederacy of Dunces to Harry Potter, that hit the market and left in their wake a host of rejections from various editors because the stories didn’t fit in with what they were looking for.

Pulling up Stakes first made its presence known at various conventions when I first started working on it.  I’d read sample chapters and enthused audiences begged to know when it was going to be done so that they could find out what happened next.

Yet when the book was circulated to editors, the reason for their passing on it were impressive, to say the least.

Stakes tells the skewed tale of Vincent Hammond, a twenty-something vampire stalker, who lives with his domineering mother in a small community of hunters tracing their lineage back to the French Revolution.  Vince, however, has a rather singular problem:  he’s a vampire.  And if his mother finds out, she’ll kill him.  Literally.  So he doesn’t dare come out of the coffin, so to speak and keeping his secret becomes further complicated when… Continue reading

For This Is Hell: Third Time’s the Charm

And now, a word from bestselling, award-winning author Steven Savile about his and Aaron Rosenberg’s newest collaboration, For This Is Hell, currently available for the NOOK:

“I’ve known Aaron a long time. We joke about being separated at birth, and given the date and time we came into the world it’s almost possible—I’m October 12th 1969, he’s October 13th 1969, and given time zones and such, I’m only a few hours older than him, so imagine a long protracted labour and a grueling transatlantic flight in between and you’ve got us. We’ve written loads of stuff together, but surprisingly little has actually hit the streets yet; in fact, For the is Hell is our first collaborative release, but far from our last.

So, three years ago I was on holiday in Carthage with the wife, wandering around, drinking in the history, and as we clambered back onto the tour bus to head towards the hotel I sent a sketchy email to my Transatlantic Twin with the beginnings of an idea that had hit me about writing something with an immortal hero, sort of a “my life of crime” thing where we have a recurring hero/villain across the ages, kicking off during the fall of Carthage and bringing it to the modern day by way of lots of cool historical moments. And wouldn’t it be cool if our hero was like the phoenix who kept renewing himself age after age? Aaron wrote back explaining, surprise surprise (we are very similar sometimes, right down to the ideas we play with, which makes for a good partnership) that he’d created a roleplaying game a few years ago called Chosen which revolved around mythical beasts like the Kraken and Phoenix being reborn in different times to fight an eternal struggle for supremacy. It took all of about ten minutes to think “ahhh hmmm wouldn’t it be cool then if we could merge these two very similar ideas into a story or three?” Continue reading

Our Latest Addition: Latchkeys

Crazy 8 Press is pleased to announce that starting January 15, we will be publishing novellas set in a brand new world created by a collection of writers, masterminded by author Steven Savile but including C8 co-founders Aaron Rosenberg and Robert Greenberger. To introduce you to this new concept, here are some comments from Savile:

Putting the Key in the Door

By Steven Savile

I can remember the day I came up with the concept of the House of Doors, which eventually became Tanglewood, the house that Matt Fisher stumbles into, with its miraculous living wood doors that open to neverwhere and neverwhen, everywhere and everywhen. I was teaching, so it’s at least a decade a go. I frantically scrawled notes in an old journal, filling it with ideal concepts like ‘the war between the dayside and nightside’ and a stage magician who was something like the Doctor (Dr. Who), a stone-headed troll and a stick-insect of a man who ran the house. Very few of those initial concepts survived into the series, Latchkeys, and yet they provide the underpinning for everything. Continue reading