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ReDeus: Beyond Borders now available!


We know how impatiently you’ve been waiting, and who can blame you? After all, we’ve been talking about this for weeks. But the moment is finally here, the wait is over–you can go out and buy ReDeus: Beyond Borders today!

Continue to thrill at tales of our world as it would be if all the gods had returned, and mankind was forced to adapt to the sudden, ongoing presence of all its pantheons as they battle for control. Buy a copy now and see how ReDeus creators Robert Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg, and Aaron Rosenberg—ably assisted by fellow authors Lorraine J. Anderson, Phil Giunta, William Leisner, Steve Lyons, Kelly Meding, David McDonald, Scott Pearson, Lawrence M. Schoen, Janna Silverstein, and Steven H. Wilson—portray a world where our every belief is challenged, and people must find new ways to be true to themselves even while obeying the rules and dictates of their restored gods.

ReDeus: Beyond Borders is available in print, as an e-book for the Kindle, and as an e-book for the NOOK. Join the gods today! Continue reading

Latchkeys: Mind the Gap

Bootleg cover FinalSo a while back, you saw that we here at Crazy 8 had announced a new property we were releasing—a strange, dark, spooky YA series called Latchkeys. Steven Savile led off with Unlatched, and we told you there would be new installments every six weeks or so.

Yeah, that didn’t exactly go according to plan, did it?

Why the long gaps between stories? Well, there were the usual real-world complications—people got sick, or moved, or changed jobs, or had some other project come up and insist on their full attention, and their Latchkeys story got pushed back. In a few cases, it was the fault of other books and other authors entirely—we try to give each new release room to breathe, and to shine, which means if a novel comes in late we may need to scoot it back in our publishing schedule, and that may shove back everything after it.

But there were also the in-story complications. You see, Latchkeys is an unusually collaborative venture. The HiveMind that created it has thirteen members, all of whom helped build the setting and the story arc and the characters, all of whom claimed one of the stories from that arc, and all of whom offered suggestions and feedback on each other’s stories. But no matter how careful your outline, when you sit down and start writing things change. They have to, really—you’re breathing life into that outline, giving it form and color and texture and flavor, and in the process you’ll fine-tune it, mold it, smooth out its edges and in some cases shift it slightly to give it a better cast, a better feel. What that means, though, is that your story won’t be a word-for-word reenactment of your outline—which means that anyone writing after you in the series will need to not only read your story once it’s done, but figure out what’s changed and how those changes will affect his or her story when its time comes. Continue reading

Aztlan Omnibus Due in February

Aztlan front coverOkay. We promised you a paperback edition that brings together the novellas Aztlan: The Last Sun and Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven, and we’re delivering on that promise. In three to four weeks, depending on the whims of the publishing gods, you’ll be able to access Amazon and order Aztlan, a novel-sized work that presents the complete (well, for now) adventures of 21st-century Aztec gumshoe Maxtla Colhua.

Maxtla is an Investigator for the Empire–an Aztec Empire that, having successfully repelled Hernan Cortes 400 years earlier, stretches from one end of what we know as the Americas to the other. If you love alternate histories, if you love murder mysteries, or if you just love reading something off the beaten track…you’ll want to give Aztlan a try.

And of course, Aztlan: The Last Sun and Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven remain available as separate e-books from Crazy 8 Press. So there you go–your options are wide open.  Buy. Read. Enjoy.

Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven to be Released in November

Back in March, we at Crazy 8 Press released Aztlan: The Last Sun, which followed the adventures of 21st-century Aztec gumshoe Maxtla Colhua as he tracked vicious serial killer who was cutting people’s hearts out on the eve of The Last Sun. Because you asked for it, we’ll be releasing the exciting sequel in November 2012.

In Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven, Maxtla Colhua is back, except this time he’s looking for the missing star of a brutal Aztec ball game–preferably before the guy’s fans make the streets of his city run red with blood. In the process, Maxtla realizes he’s pitting himself against a lot more than just a kidnapper. He’s going up against the very–

Hey, that would be telling.

Like its predecessor, Aztlan: The Courts of Heaven will be an e-novella available on Kindle as well as Nook. And soon afterward, it’ll come out in paperback as well.

Keep checking in with us here at for further news.

Crazy 8 Press Will be at NYCC This Week

New York Comic-Con kicks off Thursday at 3 p.m. and Crazy 8 Press will be there. We’re going to be scattered here and there, but we wanted you to find us. We’re using Peter David’s table at BB1 as a base of operations so one of us should be there at most times.

More specifically, here’s where we will be:

Peter David

Peter will be at BB1, signing autographs, selling books and cracking wise. He will also be on two panels:


Marvel NOW!: All-New X-Men 12:15PM – 1:15PM         1E07

What’s happening NOW! with Marvel’s mutants? What bold new directions will the Children of the Atom head off in? Find out as Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Editor Jeanine Schaefer, Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers), Dennis Hopeless (Cable & The X-Force), Peter David (X-Factor) and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) spill the beans on the future of the X-Men!

Speakers: Arune Singh  Axel Alonso  Dennis Hopeless  Jeanine Schaefer  Nick Lowe  Peter David  Rick Remender Continue reading

Read an Excerpt from Peter David’s Pulling up Stakes

Sick of vampire books?  Movies?  TV shows?

Yeah.  So are we.

Sick of the entire unlife of vampires?

Yeah.  So is Vince Hammond.

Unfortunately, Vince is in it up to his (wait for it) neck.  Because Vince is a young vampire hunter who lives with his vampire hunter mother in an entire community of vampire hunters, who in turn are part of a cult of vampire hunters going back all the way to the French Revolution, which many believe to be an uprising of the poor against the rich but was actually a massive purging of vampires from the French nobility (hence the guillotine; way more efficient than shoving stakes into their hearts.)

And here’s Vince’s major problem:  he’s a vampire.  But he dare not “come out of the coffin,” as it were, and reveal his true nature, because his mother will literally kill him.  And if she doesn’t manage it, she has lots of friends and neighbors to help make sure that happens.

So instead Vince has to keep his head down and hunt his own kind while making sure not to actually kill them since, for the most part, vampires are law-abiding citizens who drink from eagerly volunteering “Wanna V’s”  hoping for their own shot at the night life.  But when some out-of-town hunters show up with a very personal connection to Vince, his two worlds are going to collide in a way that may wind up forcing Vince to run for the hills…assuming he can get far enough away before Mom hunts him down. Continue reading