The Love That Dares To Finally Speak Its Name

We keep getting asked this question over and over again: “Why do you call yourself Crazy 8 Press when there are only seven of you?”

There’s a reason. And we’re actually kind of surprised a smart person like you hasn’t figured it out.

It’s you, silly.

You’re the eighth person. You, yes little ol’ you, are the reason we do all of this.

Yes, we enjoy writing and telling stories, but what good is a storyteller without an audience? We can make stories that span galaxies, bridge eons, but it’s nothing if we don’t touch someone’s heart with it.

You make it all possible. You give us feedback. You laugh. You cry. You argue. You get angry. And you give us money for what we do.

As authors, we are very lucky people. We have found that there’s someone out there who likes the way we think, who enjoys hearing what we have to say. All you ask from us is a simple request: Entertain me. Make me happy to spend time with you.

And we love you for it.

Yes, it’s not always the smoothest of romances. How could it be? Sometimes we get moody, sometimes we think you’ve forgotten us, sometimes you get abusive when you think we aren’t paying attention to what you want. But still we keep coming back for more. If it sounds a little co-dependent, well, maybe it is. But we do depend on you. Trust us, we’ve been around, the list of exes who’ve just used us and paid us to do quickie little– well, best not to dwell. We’re talking about you.

Sure, we’ll lie to you on occasion, but we’ll be mostly honest. We may trick you, but it’s only to delight you. And although there may be other readers who find us and fall hard for us, you’ll still be in our hearts.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything.

But we still can’t meet your parents next weekend. We told you we have to work. We’re on deadline, dammit.

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