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Latchkeys: Unlatched Now Available on Kindle

The first installment of Latchkeys, a brand new series from a gaggle of writers herded by Steven Savile, is now available on Kindle, with a Nook version due in a matter of days. The series has been discussed here before and its worth noting that Crazy 8 Press co-founders Aaron Rosenberg and Bob Greenberger are contributing members.

Latchkeys is a series of standalone stories that as a whole tells a larger story. The first cycle of stories is projected to be thirteen parts in all, released roughly every six weeks going forward. The series will therefore be back in early March with the second installment, The Ugly Little Bloke, by Greenberger.

Sample the First Latchkeys Adventure

As promised not that long ago, Steven Savile’s long-gestating Latchkeys idea has come to Crazy 8 Press. Steven has partnered with C8 co-founders Bob Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg and nine other authors to create a brand new young adult fantasy series.

The very first offering can be previewed right here: Unlatched teaser. The entire first installment will be available for purchase for Kindle and Nook starting next Sunday.

Give it a read and let us know what you think.

The Hidden Earth is Now Available on the Nook

Crazy 8 Press is pleased to announce that volume one of Peter David’s epic fantasy tale, The Hidden Earth, is now available exclusively through the Nook at Barnes & Noble for the next thirty days. Darkness of the Light, which launched the ambitious series back in 2007, can finally be purchased as an eBook for the introductory price of $2.99. In January the book will go wide, offered both through Amazon and as a trade paperback. In short order it will be followed by the long-awaited sequel, “Height of the Depths.” Watch this space for further announcements and go HERE to begin the journey through the Hidden Earth.

Our Latest Addition: Latchkeys

Crazy 8 Press is pleased to announce that starting January 15, we will be publishing novellas set in a brand new world created by a collection of writers, masterminded by author Steven Savile but including C8 co-founders Aaron Rosenberg and Robert Greenberger. To introduce you to this new concept, here are some comments from Savile:

Putting the Key in the Door

By Steven Savile

I can remember the day I came up with the concept of the House of Doors, which eventually became Tanglewood, the house that Matt Fisher stumbles into, with its miraculous living wood doors that open to neverwhere and neverwhen, everywhere and everywhen. I was teaching, so it’s at least a decade a go. I frantically scrawled notes in an old journal, filling it with ideal concepts like ‘the war between the dayside and nightside’ and a stage magician who was something like the Doctor (Dr. Who), a stone-headed troll and a stick-insect of a man who ran the house. Very few of those initial concepts survived into the series, Latchkeys, and yet they provide the underpinning for everything. Continue reading

Journey with Peter David to The Hidden Earth

“Darkness of the Light, first of a series, is another quirky, intriguing, wonderful tale, filled with adventure and unexpected plot twists.  No one else tells a story quite like Peter David does.”

                                                            –Terry Brooks

Thousands of years ago, a small number of extra-dimensional creatures—scarcely a hundred or so from twelve different races—landed on our world.  Although they were quickly hunted into oblivion, they made an indelible impression on humanity, forming the basis for most every creature of myth and fancy that exist:  Cyclops, vampires, dragons, fairies, trolls, mermaids and many more.

In the middle of the 21st century, they returned, not by the hundreds, but in the millions.  The battle for survival was fierce and bloody and, in the end, humanity lost.

Now, in an undetermined time, humanity is nearly extinct.  The Twelve Races are now locked in endless battle with each other, fighting for whatever scraps of survival remain on his planet they refer to as the Damned World. The few human survivors that remain are slaves, like Jepp, a young woman who is a helpless servant to one of the more fearsome races, the serpentine Mandraques. Continue reading