The Fans are Buried Tales

The Fans are Buried Tales

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41st annual VastiCon.
40 inches of snow.
38 travelers trapped in the hotel bar with booze to drink and stories to tell . . .

In the late 14th century, writer Geoffrey Chaucer provided the work that later generations would remember him for: The Canterbury Tales. Written in Middle English, it depicted the stories of a group of pilgrims on their way to visit the Shrine of St. Thomas Becket in Canterbury.

Some centuries later, a group of science fiction and fantasy fans were trapped at a convention hotel thanks to a snowfall of several feet.

Stuck in the hotel for extra days, they had to find something to do to fill the time.

And as they gathered in the hotel bar, with ninjas next to zombies and Amazons next to Trekkies, they told each other stories like the pilgrims of long ago—making sure to remain in character.

Stories by Peter David, Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Mary Fan, Jo Duffy, Rigel Ailur, Ian Randal Strock,  Patrick Storck, Susan Hillwig, Brenda. Huettner, Robert Jeschonek, C.J. Espinoza,  Paige Daniels, D.M. Rasch, Eugene Ramos, Steve Nagy, Ian Harac, Rande Goodwin,  Martin A. Perez, John Trumbull, Christopher J. Valin and Steve Beaulieu, John J. X. Cihon, Wes Nicholson, Raphael Sutton, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Susan Staneslow Olesen, R.P. Steeves, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Isaac Sher, Denise Sutton, Andy Allard, Glen Cadigan, John Peel, James Ryan, Josh Pritchett, Steven L. Rosenhaus, and Bev Vincent.

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About the Book
About the Author
Aaron Rosenberg

Aaron Rosenberg is the author of the best-selling DuckBob SF comedy series, the Relicant Chronicles epic fantasy series, the Dread Remora space-opera series, and—with David Niall Wilson—the O.C.L.T. occult thriller series. Aaron’s tie-in work contains novels for Star Trek, Warhammer, World of WarCraft, Stargate: Atlantis, Shadowrun, Eureka, Mutants & Masterminds, and more. He has written children’s books (including the original series STEM Squad and Pete and Penny’s Pizza Puzzles, the award-winning Bandslam: The Junior Novel, and the #1 best-selling 42: The Jackie Robinson Story), educational books on a variety of topics, and over seventy roleplaying games (such as the original games Asylum, Spookshow, and Chosen, work for White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight, Pinnacle, and many others, and both the Origins Award-winning Gamemastering Secrets and the Gold ENnie-winning Lure of the Lich Lord). He is the co-creator of the ReDeus series, and a founding member of Crazy 8 Press. Aaron lives in New York with his family. You can follow him online at his website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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