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Love, Murder & Mayhem – A Note on “The Note on the Blue Screen”

By Mary Fan

When Russ first invited me to participate in the Love, Murder & Mayhem anthology for Crazy 8 Press, I was in the middle of publishing a Sherlock Holmes retelling, The Adventure of the Silicon Beeches, that takes place in the space opera future and reimagines both Sherlock and Watson as young women.

I could get on my feminist soapbox as to why I gender-swapped both roles, but I’ll save that speech for a Tweetstorm (or not… diatribes are so time-consuming, and I have fiction to write…)

Anyway, I’d written the Adventure of the Silicon Beeches as a standalone novella, but had so much fun that I decided I’d follow the Sherlockian tradition of writing multiple little mysteries starring the crime-solving duo. So when I first saw the prompt for Love, Murder & Mayhem, my mind immediately went, “Perfect! I’ll have Sherlock and Watson solve a murder mystery!”

The obvious thing to do would have been to introduce a deadly crime of passion and have the girls chase down the brokenhearted culprit. But that sounded cliché before I even started hammering out a plot. So I considered how far I could stretch the prompt and wrote to Russ asking, “Hey, does it have to be romantic love?” Continue reading

First Post from the Asylum

Hey everyone! I’m Mary Fan, sci-fi/fantasy author and latest inmate of the asylum that is Crazy 8 Press. Y’all are probably wondering how I wound up in this madhouse. Well, let’s start from the very beginning. Hey, this is a getting-to-know-you blog, isn’t it?

I’ve been a bookworm for as long as I can remember… in fact, I read so much as a kid that it got me in trouble. Flashlights under the covers, hiding books under the mattress (not because they were “adult” or anything, but because my parents didn’t like me having so many, since I’d read instead of doing homework), spending breaks and lunchtime in the library… I was THAT kid. I inhaled a steady stream of children’s books and Western literary classics (often introduced to me by Wishbone… Who remembers that pup?), much of which included elements of fantasy (though not so much sci-fi, as I recall). Since my parents are Chinese immigrants, the entertainment in our house was slightly different than in most American homes. I had Disney movies and Star Trek: The Next Generation on TV, but other than that, I was largely out of the loop. Which is why I don’t get most ‘80s and ‘90s  cultural references today (what’s a Full House?) Continue reading

Mary Fan Joins Crazy 8 Press

For our last big group convention of the summer, we at Crazy 8 Press gathered for our annual pilgrimage to Shore Leave in Cockeysville, Maryland. As usual, it was a smashing success.

We launched our newest anthology — Love, Murder & Mayhem (which is on sale now and available here) — spoke or moderated a few dozen panels between us, hung out with fans, laughed it up with friends, and just had a great time.

But Crazy 8 Press also made a big announcement, one we’re thrilled to share with you now. When we started this author experiment there were, as the name suggests, eight of us. Due to some twists and turns, we pared down to five for a while, then ramped back up to seven.

Well…we thought it was time for us to live up to our name again and add an eighth member. So we did.

We are thrilled to announce that Mary Fan is now an official member of Crazy 8 Press!

Yep. There’s another inmate at the asylum.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mary, she writes science fiction and fantasy geared predominantly towards a YA audience and typically featuring a host of smart, creative, and ambitious female characters. She’s written several novels and contributed to various anthologies — including Love, Murder & Mayhem — and will soon be announcing her first book through Crazy 8 Press. Continue reading

Crazy 8 Returns to Shore Leave

As part of our annual tradition, our Crazy 8 Press team of Aaron Rosenberg, Russ Colchamiro, Glenn Hauman, Peter, David, Robert Greenberger, and Michael Jan Friedman will descend on the Hunt Valley Inn for Shore Leave 39 from July 7-9, where we’ll be in full force (sans Paul Kupperberg, who is hiding out in the wilds of Connecticut concocting his next act of authorly mayhem).

Speaking of mayhem …

There wouldn’t be a Shore Leave without a Crazy 8 Press anthology, and we hope this year takes the cake! Debuting at the convention is this year’s anthology, Love, Murder & Mayhem, a collection of superhero, super villain, private eye, time travel travel, AI, dream surrogate, monster mash and DuckBob murder mysteries, with stories from not only the seven Crazy 8 Press members, but many of our friends, too, including attendees Hildy SIlverman, Kelly Meding, and Mary Fan,

The party starts with Meet the Pros at 10 p.m. on Friday with all the authors on hand to sign and sell books, shake hands, take selfies, and make madness. Hey. It’s what we do best. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Love, Murder & Mayhem

At long last we are thrilled to present here the official cover for our new scifi-themed Love, Murder & Mayhem anthology coming out in July, debuting at Shore Leave in Cockeysville, MD.

As always, our pal and cover designer extraordinaire Roy Mauritsen did a fantastic job on the cover, with the collection featuring stories from an all-star author lineup including Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, Paul Kupperberg, Glenn Hauman, Mary Fan, Hildy Silverman, Meriah Crawford, Kelly Meding, Paige Daniels, Karissa Laurel, Patrick Thomas, Lois Spangler, and editor Russ Colchamiro.

In this great collection you’ll get 15 stand-alone stories, including those featuring superheroes, super villains, A.I., off-world, space cruisers, private eyes, a monster mash and … one DuckBob!

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