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Love, Murder & Mayhem: Read it Now: A Goon’s Tale

Kelly Meding’s “A Goon’s Tale” chronicles Rocky Mills, a down-on-his luck insurance adjuster who just may be on his road from villain … to super villain. Where does it take him?

To find out, here’s an early look:


by Kelly Meding

“Got a live one for ya!”

Dick screeched out the words the moment Rocky Mills barreled into the office with coffee on his shirt and a lot of steam in his head. After an intensely crappy morning, Rocky wasn’t in the mood for another bad lead.

Rocky stopped in the middle of the small office space he shared with Dick Smalls at City Fields Insurance and took a deep breath so he didn’t snap at the guy first thing. Dick had been transferred into Rocky’s two-man division that handled Supersrelated insurance claims six months ago, after Rocky’s previous coworker was accepted into the Heroine Society as an apprentice, and Dick was a talkative pain in the ass. Constantly nattering about how much he loved this job, loved meeting clients, blah, blah, blah. He had no clue Rocky had taken the job out of necessity, not love. Continue reading

Crazy 8 Returns to Shore Leave

As part of our annual tradition, our Crazy 8 Press team of Aaron Rosenberg, Russ Colchamiro, Glenn Hauman, Peter, David, Robert Greenberger, and Michael Jan Friedman will descend on the Hunt Valley Inn for Shore Leave 39 from July 7-9, where we’ll be in full force (sans Paul Kupperberg, who is hiding out in the wilds of Connecticut concocting his next act of authorly mayhem).

Speaking of mayhem …

There wouldn’t be a Shore Leave without a Crazy 8 Press anthology, and we hope this year takes the cake! Debuting at the convention is this year’s anthology, Love, Murder & Mayhem, a collection of superhero, super villain, private eye, time travel travel, AI, dream surrogate, monster mash and DuckBob murder mysteries, with stories from not only the seven Crazy 8 Press members, but many of our friends, too, including attendees Hildy SIlverman, Kelly Meding, and Mary Fan,

The party starts with Meet the Pros at 10 p.m. on Friday with all the authors on hand to sign and sell books, shake hands, take selfies, and make madness. Hey. It’s what we do best. Continue reading

Love, Murder & Mayhem – “But What About the Bad Guys?”

By Kelly Meding

Anyone familiar with my work shouldn’t be surprised that my contribution to the Love, Murder & Mayhem anthology for Crazy 8 Press is a superhero story. I’ve been fascinated by superheroes since my first childhood rerun of the old Adam West Batman TV series. And it was my minor kid crush on Burt Ward as Robin that led me to read my first comic book: The New Teen Titans #9, from the 1980 Wolfman & Pérez team.

Superheroes are pretty awesome, but to be an awesome hero, you need to have an awesome villain. What’s Batman without the Joker? Superman without Lex Luthor? The Tick without Chairface Chippendale? Am I right? There’s an old piece of writing advice that goes “every villain is the hero of his own story.” Well, yeah, but usually the story is written from the point-of-view of the actual hero, and we don’t get to see the villain’s side.

Until now. “A Goon’s Tale” is my take on the villain’s side of the story. Why decide to become a bad guy? Why choose a life of crime? What pushes a person to do wrong, instead of right? The genesis of this story actually came from—believe it or not—an insurance commercial from last year, where an adjuster is looking at the battle damage done to a man’s home. My superhero loving brain seized on that thirty-second spot. I grabbed a notebook and pen, and started making notes. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Love, Murder & Mayhem

At long last we are thrilled to present here the official cover for our new scifi-themed Love, Murder & Mayhem anthology coming out in July, debuting at Shore Leave in Cockeysville, MD.

As always, our pal and cover designer extraordinaire Roy Mauritsen did a fantastic job on the cover, with the collection featuring stories from an all-star author lineup including Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, Paul Kupperberg, Glenn Hauman, Mary Fan, Hildy Silverman, Meriah Crawford, Kelly Meding, Paige Daniels, Karissa Laurel, Patrick Thomas, Lois Spangler, and editor Russ Colchamiro.

In this great collection you’ll get 15 stand-alone stories, including those featuring superheroes, super villains, A.I., off-world, space cruisers, private eyes, a monster mash and … one DuckBob!

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Pangaea II: The Rise of Dominjaron Kickstarter Campaign Launches

Pangaea 2 CoverCrazy 8 Press is following up on the success of its first Pangaea anthology with Pangaea II: The Rise of Dominjaron, which features an expanded and more diverse cast of writers.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched on January 24 and runs through February 25. Rewards for the $8000 goal run from prints of the cover by South American artist Caio Cacao to tuckerizations.

“This time we’re digging even deeper into the history of our fictional supercontinent,” said editor Michael Jan Friedman, “and we’re doing it with the help of four new writers–Ron Marz, Ilsa J. Bick, Kirsten Beyer, and Marie Lillian Vibbert. Ron will be a welcome name to pretty much anyone who reads comics, Ilsa’s a master of dark fantasy, Kirsten’s one of the top writers in the Star Trek book publishing program, and Marie is a rising star in the field of science fiction. I couldn’t be more pleased to let them loose among the civilizations we’ve established on Pangaea and see what kinds of stories they come up with.” Continue reading